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9/12/07 10:16:31AM
Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, is prepared to throw his hat into the MMA ring. Along with business partner Guy Mezger, he's hoping to pool several regional MMA organizations together and have them promote shows that can air on the HDNet Friday Night Fights series. Cuban made big waves last week when he joined in the pursuit of free agent Heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko.


Obviously if he's able to get Fedor, and it's possible with the fortune he's amassed, it not only would give his plans instant credibility but could quickly establish him as a legitimate competitor to UFC and IFL. Not to mention a Cuban-Dana White war of words would be very entertaining given Cuban's less-than-cordial relationship with NBA Commissioner David Stern.

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9/12/07 11:28:10AM
This would be bad for Fedor. There would be nobody for him to fight.And by the time that they were able to build up thier promotion and sign some more decent HW's he will be retired.

All we would likely see are Fedor and Lindland rematches, NO THANK YOU.
9/12/07 11:28:26AM
Cuban is great for the sport just because he would only want the best because he is a fan and would want what the fans want he is almost like a big kid with a hole lot of cash
9/12/07 11:51:08AM
This would be great for MMA
as the UFC would have to start paying there top and new prosect fighters if they wished to keep them because Cuban will pay them good salaries
therfore allowing the fighters to no longer worry about finances and concentrate on training I know someone will say if they make more money they will become less likely to train properly and more likely to party later like the other sports celebrities but lets face it there already distracted by the celebrity lifestyle..

also I may be a fool but I believe Hermes Franka when he says he took steroids for a injury and he had to because he couldn't afford to NOT fight
how many times does this happen and no one gets caught
I say set the prize money higher and take ALL of it away if you test positive for steroids
I just think A fighter good enough to make it to the UFC should be able to make atleast 100,000 a year with the cross camp training all over going on these days this money is becoming neccessary.. and some guys just dont have the sponsor support they need yet..

9/12/07 12:11:29PM
if cuban is paying well he can get some great fighter, AA was trying to get a new con. with the UFC not sure if he did yet, but if cuban gives up the money i think AA would go there josh bar. fedor, there are so many names out there now i think if cuban pays his fighters he can get a lot, UFC does not pay as much as a lot of ppl think they do, thats why you see ppl that have fought in the ufc b4 trying to win TUF, bc of the 100k, i have a friend that fought in that elite something on showtime and got 30k for 1 fight, im happy to see this bc the ufc is going have to start trying a lot harder to get fighters and fans, imo its great
9/12/07 12:11:29PM
My opinion is still up in the air about this
9/12/07 12:23:43PM
When I first heard he was getting into this I was extremely worried. I am starting to warm up to the idea of him doing it. In all honesty...he has the absolute right approach on how to market the sport, I dont think he will have enough talent though to generate anything to big.

Like he said steps. He is going to have to find the Houston Alexanders, and Sokudojo's of the world if he wants to get big though. UFC has the worlds best fighters right now...but if he can snag Diaz, Gomi, Fedor, Kang...maybe he can attract some attention to himself.
9/12/07 1:03:08PM
I found it funny how he said the UFC should get rid of the ringside bimbos if they want to be treated as a professional sport. So, I suppose there aren't any other sports out there with ring girls or cheerleaders?
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