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10/31/08 2:05:33AM
For the $650,000 price tag, HDNet will be entitled to all intellectual property, including the IFL’s film, video, and image library; its five-roped competition ring and team trademarks; and proprietary rights, including its Web site. The transaction also includes any remaining broadcast contracts the IFL acquired during its two-year tenure, which includes a deal with FOX Sports Network.

An article up at Cage Potato provides speculation as to what this acquisition could mean in terms of HDNet's desire to promote MMA:

Not that the IFL didn’t put on some good fights, but how much is old fight footage really worth? With the exception of the really good bouts, watching old fights can be a lot like watching old college football games on ESPN Classic, which is to say it appeals to a very select audience, mostly the unemployed and the very, very drunk, either of whom are likely to think they’re watching live TV.

But HDNet seems too savvy to pay that much for a bunch of old fights that have already been aired on Fox Sports Net and MyNetwork, not to mention spread around the internet. So what do you have up your sleeve, HDNet? Don’t tell me you paid more than half a million dollars just to air Chris Horodecki highlights in between old episodes of Hogan’s Heroes. All right, I admit I’d watch that.

10/31/08 11:48:37AM
I thought this already happened some time ago>
10/31/08 1:07:06PM
watching old fights is nothing like watching old college football games, one person does not change as much as a whole team. I could watch Shultz humilate Horodeski everyday for the rest of my life!
10/31/08 1:12:12PM
The IFL had assets left?????
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