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7/28/09 10:09:38AM
The demise of Affliction Entertainment will not simply go away after one press release. The fact of the matter is that they had a lot of partners involved. One of those partners was Mark Cuban's HDNet television network, which was scheduled to air the undercard of the now-canceled "Affliction: Trilogy."

7/28/09 11:20:52AM
I am more curious as to what Trump thinks in all of this.
7/28/09 1:11:17PM
I didn't realize Cuban was a Zuffa Bond holder. Smart on his part, but unexpected considering that he came out initially with the intent to Compete and eventually overtake the UFC. Oh well, He probably realized what he was up against and figured if you can't beat 'em, join'em.
7/28/09 1:30:39PM
i don't see how canceling was a good idea they shouyld found a replacement on short notice and went on with the show i still would have gotten it, they just lost alot of money. thats the difference UFC no matter who failed a drug test the fight card would still go on. I've enjoyed the Affliction fight cards but i kinda hope to never see them again now, canceling the whole show is ridiculous due to one of there headliner fighters tested positive for roids, unless they were canceling this before this even happend but are using it as a scape goat now
7/28/09 3:41:11PM
They would not have MADE money on the show. They lost tons from their 1st and 2nd shows and the 3rd would have been no different. I have no proof of any of this but I think it's common knowledge that they were spending more than they were making, to quit before they lost any more was probably a good idea.
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