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7/13/09 2:52:48PM
Mark Coleman and Wanderlei Silva both have a history, Wanderlei wanted to fight him but the fight never took place. I think the UFC should put this fight together. They has a small skirmish in the pride ring after the first Shogun/Coleman fight. Coleman just picked up a good win against popular guy like Stephan Bonnar. Wanderlei is coming off two losses but im sure would absolutely take the fight, even if it was at 205 which it would have to be. Wanderlei has stated that he will fight at 185 or 205, and I dont think he was impressed with his cardio when he fought at 195, so he would probably agree.

I would take Wanderlei by ruthless tko in the 2nd round.
7/13/09 2:56:11PM
This fight I think should happen.
Maybe it's a few years too late,but still, This fight imo,would still be epic.
7/13/09 3:06:50PM
I think Coleman's next opponent is going to be Jon Jones. I don't think the UFC plans on keeping Coleman much longer, and a fight between a prospect and a legend well past his expiration date will definitely help highlight why people are buying into the Jonny Bones hype.

Wanderlei Silva would murder Coleman anyway.
7/13/09 3:12:43PM

Besides, Coleman is fighting at 205, and Silva is workings his way into the MW division now.
7/13/09 6:13:31PM
As much as I would like to see Wand beat on Coleman, it would have been better in Pride FC. Imagine Coleman shooting in and Wand defending then soccer kicking his big bald head. I hope that he goes down to MW though.
7/13/09 7:57:02PM
Oh i'm pretty sure this fight would be too much for coleman. Granted he did surprise me in his last 2 fights actually winning, I must admit i had absolultely no faith and I now stand corrected. But IMO, wandy would be entirely too much for good ol' mark
7/13/09 8:30:32PM
Anything that circulates around the Hammerhouse vs. Chute Boxe rivalry gets my blood pumping. I'd love to see it. Wanderlei by axe murder.
7/13/09 8:32:22PM
Hmmm, I would love to see that fight. Big fan of Wanderlei, love the way he fights. I think he would destroy Mark Coleman though.
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