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1/15/09 8:51:49PM
"He is a legend in this sport and it is a pleasure to fight him again,” said Rua.

But when Coleman took the stand, he rounded on the Brazilian and questioned the sincerity of his words.

Shogun has “called me two-faced, said it was a lucky win [in the first fight] and now he says he respects me. I don’t know which it is,” he said.

“I’ve heard he’s said I might get my leg broken. Well Shogun, if you can break it, I won’t say you were lucky, I will say ‘good job’."

1/15/09 9:03:14PM
I can see both sides of the story. Mark is right that whether he intended to break his arm or not, he did it while attacking with the intent to cause damage... That's part of fighting, sometimes you're going to get injured in a manner other than your opponent intends, he's still injured you and it's disrespectful to pass it off as luck and talk down about him.

At the same time Shogun is right that it was a pretty lucky break, and it's got to be really frustrating sitting on the sidelines for a year and a half listening to people say that you're not as good as people made you out to be etc because you lost a fight with blown ACLs and they haven't seen you fight since then.

Both guys are kind of understandably pissed off about different things, which should make the fight even better. I really hope Shogun comes back looking impressive, he's done the right thing taking his time to recuperate.
1/15/09 9:48:49PM
Mark Coleman has been in the wrong since the start. If you own the DVD of PRIDE 31 you will know what I'm talking about. It shows a lot of backstage stuff and shows the hole fight even the brawl that broke out. Also I have met Coleman and he isn't the nicest guy in the world. He told the people at the conference I was at that everyone in MMA now wasn't as good as he was in his prime . Not going to go in to many more details as dont want it to come off like fighter bashing I will just say Shogun was just trying to be respectful to Coleman and Coleman in return acts like Shogun is the one that started the hole thing.
1/15/09 10:26:44PM
I will start by saying Shogun is prob my fav fighter. That being said in MMA whats lucky? Shogun Made a mistake by posting the way he did the same as Chuck made a mistake by trowing a lead body punch to Rampage. You see the Shogun outcome far less by how often do you see GOGO's? The point I'm trying to make is Shogun lost fair and square.

For Coleman to celebrate that win the way he did was lame, due to the lack of skill involved to produce the win. Also not stoping after the ref tried to pull him off was down right Busch League. I can't wait for this fight to be over and the winner can claim to be the better of the 2 no questions asked!
1/15/09 10:28:31PM
If Shogun is in top form...Coleman is dog meat.
Lets see those crossed eyes again (referring to when Pete Williams kicked him in the face).
1/16/09 1:29:45AM
To quote Cro-Cop, "hard words...hard words".

Leave it all the cage guys, but I have to say this just sounds like more defeatist talk from Coleman. I could never fathom why a guy like that would come back and endure huge amounts of suffering to pull himself back into the cage. I don't understand wanting to meet Shogun at 205 and I sure as f**k didn't understand it when he was willing to fight Brock. I mean, that's all so far in the past, too bad that guy doesn't have people around to tell him this is a bad idea. I just hope that after this fight he can retire and hold on to his dignity.
1/16/09 2:13:56AM
I dont know yeah Coleman took him down but a guy falling and breaking his arm is different then if he broke it in an arm bar. I hope Coleman gets beat, and beat bad, I don't know whats wrong with his head.
1/16/09 5:55:13AM
Hope shogun gives Coleman a Fedor sized beat down. He was trying to be cool about it and squash the beef, but Coleman pretty much said he didnt want it that way. I feel for Shogun, he lost via freak accident, then had Coleman come after him again while he was on the floor in agony. That said, I dont think the Chutebox guys helped the situation, and as far as the after fight stuff goes, it is what it is and I blame both guys.
1/16/09 8:36:23AM
Chuteboxe and Hammer House were both hot head filled camps back in the day. Seems like Hammer House always had problems with somebody, and everyone knows if you start shit with one guy from Chuteboxe the whole camp is going to come running.

It was just a recipe for disaster, and Coleman definitely should have eased up when the ref jumped in. I don't place a lot of blame on either side, but if it has to go somewhere it's definitely on Hammer House. Also- Coleman doesn't seem to come off as a very nice gentleman

Shogun will wipe the mat with his face, though.. so
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