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3/5/08 4:34:55PM

UFC Hall-of-Famer Mark Coleman has agreed to a four-fight contract with the Las Vegas-based promotion, The Fight Network has learned. His deal begins with a UFC 87 match against former World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Brock Lesnar in August. Coleman, 43, informed Fight Network Radio of his agreement, which guarantees him no fewer than two fights


i doubt he will get trough all four fights, the most i see him having is 3, and that is considering he wins his 2nd match...........
3/5/08 4:38:43PM
he will lose to Lesner then lose to another mid level opponent and then the UFC will never set up another fight for him. No spite but he is not Randy.
3/5/08 4:43:42PM
he could wreck fools if he wanted to fight in those "Masters" fights at YAMMA, but he's already beaten most of those big ol's kool names....however, i bet he'd love another crack at Pedro Rizzo or Maurice Smith, maybe he has learned what a leg kick is. I love him because of his unabashed American bravado and for the record, he might STILL be ufc hw champ if headbutts remained legal
3/5/08 4:55:34PM
This could be fatal for Coleman.....He needs to retire badly....
3/5/08 5:27:19PM
His contract comes with a special clause that UFC can terminate it in between rounds.

All jokes aside, Coleman's got some balls.
3/5/08 5:37:47PM
Woulden't it be hilarious if he dominated? He is much better suited to the cage. I have no illusions, I think he'll lose, but I don't remember anyone thinking Randy would come back and win.
3/5/08 5:39:43PM
I like Mark Coleman but he is past his prime. I would hope he proves me wrong but I just don't see it happening.
3/5/08 5:39:59PM

Posted by cmill21

Woulden't it be hilarious if he dominated? He is much better suited to the cage. I have no illusions, I think he'll lose, but I don't remember anyone thinking Randy would come back and win.

I gave more benefit to Randy after beating Tito, Belfort and Chuck than Coleman fighting once every year and getting beat
3/5/08 5:50:14PM
he just needed to sign a 2 fight contract and retire.
3/5/08 6:54:31PM
this gives the ufc the chance to market brock. and coleman is a lamb going into the slaughter.
3/5/08 6:58:09PM
in his second fight he'll win a 30-27 decision over Tim sylvia.
3/5/08 6:58:35PM
Coleman's awesome, I hope he rips through Lesnar, unlikely, but OH MY GOD am I ever hoping brock gets schooled again.
3/5/08 7:14:17PM
think Coleman is a guy that will give Brock the tatus as a title contender, we could see the fastest title shot for the record in MMA.
3/5/08 8:47:13PM
Coleman will beat Lesnar. Lesnar is a great wrestler, and everyone will know his game plan (even though it didnt work last time ) Coleman will sprawl and avoid the take downs. After that, maybe a fight with Sylvia or AA. Sylvia vs Coleman will be a repeat of Randy vs Tim. just total domination.

Coleman will make it in the UFC. im willing too do a sig bet if anyone is up too it, thats if u dont already have a girly or gay sig
3/5/08 10:50:20PM
I think 4 fight deal is alot considering his age....

but lets watch him fight before we judge to harshly
3/5/08 11:32:47PM

Posted by Pookie

in his second fight he'll win a 30-27 decision over Tim sylvia.

I recommend NOT making an avatar bet on this.
3/5/08 11:51:50PM
Shoot as long as GNP can win you decisions, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he won 3-4 of those fights. I'm being serious. If he kills the pride inside and goes to a decent camp, preferably Xtreme Couture with Kevin Randleman, I think he could do decent. It's not like anybody else is sticking out in the division. He has just a good of chance as anybody else to get a title shot but he has the same chance to beat Nog too.

3/6/08 1:32:54AM
The UFC are just gonna use him to push up & comers by giving them a 'Hall Of Famer ' on their record.

I think he'll fight 2/3 times and lose each time, then retire quietly
3/6/08 4:40:21AM
I honest to god thought they were bringing in Coleman to be Lesner's Tank Abbott. I figured the UFC probably wouldn't keep him even if he won. They've been known to bring in legends just to make money and see them crushed. Shamrock vs Otiz, Gracie vs Hughes.
3/6/08 7:12:23AM
It's matchups like this that really show me that Joel Silva is a great MATCH-MAKER. What each fighter brings to the table is very exciting to me.

Brock is definitely not going to push Coleman around and be the one who decides where the fight takes place. Coleman is a big dude and I would say for his size, he's nearly as strong as Brock. Mabye it was steroids, but Coleman has a massive barrel chest and just looks scary strong in his last couple Pride fights. Maybe Kevin Randleman will come back to the UFC too?

I'd like to see Coleman beat brock, but I really don't think he can. He's local-ish around Toledo. He went to high school a ways out, but one of the salesmen at work went to high school with him and has stories about him knocking fools out at parties. Mark Kerr went to the same HS I did, my older brother remembers him.

In my eyes, the only way to beat that animal Brock is like Mir did, by sub. I've seen a handful of Coleman fights in my day, and I don't recall any subs, though his record proves otherwise.... but I see alot of "neck cranks", which is more strength than technique.
So, I'm going to say Brock Lesnar is only beatable by BJJ guys like Mir, Big Nog, etc... then again Mir only barely won that fight. If Brock would have escaped that pinky-toe lock then I think Frank would have been beaten into a bloody mess.
3/6/08 10:38:21AM
i didn't know there was still human sacrifice!!!!!!!!
3/6/08 11:41:25AM
is UFC trying to replace randy w/ Coleman?

i know they prolly expect him to lose, but if he were to win a couple, get a title shot & somehow win....looks like a Randy replacement if i ever saw one
3/6/08 4:40:56PM
mark coleman is the fukin man. you guys aren't as smart as you think you are if your counting this guy out. he'll give any guy in the hw division a serious run for their money.
4/10/08 9:21:07AM
hopefully he can pull off a win agaist lesnar that would be amazing because dana put alot of money into brock and he already lost his first match
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