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5/3/10 12:58:15AM
Josh Barnett announced this week that he would be fighting on the card against Brazilian Geronimo dos Santos and has learned of another potential match up for the card down under.

A couple of UFC Hall of Famers have been offered a match on the card as spoke to a source close to the Mark Coleman camp and they have stated that Coleman was offered, and has accepeted a match against Ken Shamrock.
5/3/10 1:00:45AM
probably not gonna be a real great one. randy can get away with fighting as an old man but these 2 are way beyond their prime. not too excited about it.
5/3/10 1:46:43AM
I wonder if coleman will kill ken or not.
5/3/10 3:57:29AM
This is not even a fight I would be interested in watching if all that was on TV was Days of Our Lives on every single channel.
5/3/10 5:43:02PM
Coleman by sheer destruction.
5/3/10 5:50:26PM
I wonder if either of these fighters have the gas-tank for a 3 round war. If I am Coleman, I would exhaust all my energy in round 1 and just go for the KO.
5/3/10 7:53:14PM
atleast this fight will be more competitive then any of there recent fights
5/3/10 8:18:17PM
That's not saying much
5/4/10 2:08:03AM
Im not sure who to take. If ken can stop the take down then i think he could out strike coleman. These to just need to hang it up.
5/4/10 3:24:30AM
Seriously. This is such a horrible idea for both fighters.
5/4/10 9:20:57AM
who else are these guys going to fight right now? if the old timers need to fight to make money the biggest paydays and most competitive fights are going to be against other old guys with drawing power in their names. they could of course go the severn route and fight no names at local venues every other week, but theyre used to fighting on bigger cards and im sure they believe they still have something to offer the sport and have one more run in them whether they really do or not. im fine with this fight and its kind of fun for me to watch the legends of the fight game go at it even if they are past their prime.
5/4/10 7:07:00PM
cowcatcher, it's sort of like when you see Hulk Hogan trying to wrestle nowadays and he signs people like Sting, Kevin Nash (Diesel), Scott Hall (Razor Ramon) and others to compete on TNA. It's just sort of sad. When Bret Hart came back for Wrestlemania my first thought was "there's no way a 52 year old stroke victim who hasn't wrestled in over a decade can make this interesting." And the effects of his stroke were obvious, he was slow, lethargic, the match wasn't interesting at all.

Same, too with professional athletes who should just walk away. I'm sure that they feel they have something to contribute to the sport but maybe that contribution ought to be in training the next generation of fighter instead of fighting. Coleman has4 wins in his last ten fights. (I know one of them was against Shogun), but couple that with his age and the fact that he looks gassed after about the first now, and it's not fun.

Shamrock has 3 wins in his last ten fights and tested positive for a banned substance after one of those wins. I'm not saying legends aren't fun to watch but I'd rather watch legends like Randy Couture who are at least game opponents.
5/4/10 7:43:31PM
Man I'm excited to see this. I love the old timer fights!
I would love to see Royce fight Don Frye in Japan too!
5/5/10 9:36:32AM
i get what youre saying blue, but when they are matched up against each other the waning skills of both guys tend not to look as bad as if they were in there against the young bucks. maybe im just nostalgic, but to me seeing the old guys is fun, especially when they arent completely outclassed.

crocop is my favorite fighter, has been for years, and as much as id like to see him get a win against a young guy and get back in the mix, it just doesnt look like its destined to happen. throw him in there against other aging vets and the guy might have a couple of flashes of his previous brilliance and id just really like to see that at least one more time. yeah im probably nostalgic.
5/6/10 11:00:35PM
they both need the money
interesting match i think coleman by ground n pound or boring decision
5/25/10 8:39:51PM

Posted by BlueSkiesBurn

Seriously. This is such a horrible idea for both fighters.

Why is it such a bad idea?? It's not like either is fighting Carwin or Brock!?? Both guys are warriors, and still want to compete. Against each other is even better IMO. Kinda like the seniors tour of the PGA....JK Seriously I wikll watch if it happens.......way better than any amount of Days of Our Lives!!!!?!?!?!?!?!
5/26/10 10:15:05AM
Most likely a sluggish fight...but...pulling for The Hammer!
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