UFC: Mark Coleman still gunning for a shot at Brock Lesnar

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1/15/09 1:36:21PM
He was in fine fettle. “I don’t turn down a fight. It was a huge opportunity against this big, enormous guy. I would not back down if the opportunity arises again. When I found out he was going to do MMA, I knew he would do very well just because of his physical dimensions, his power, and his speed.”

1/15/09 1:58:36PM
lol, I couldn't even get to reading the article. I can't get past the reporter's picture at the top.

Oh you cheeky brits.
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1/15/09 2:41:35PM
does anyone want to see that fight? I dont.
1/15/09 2:46:35PM
If Coleman wants to live he will avoid Lesnar
1/15/09 2:57:03PM
lets say....lets just say...that Coleman beats Shogun.....does success in the LHW division re-up interest in Coleman/Lesnar?????

Perhaps more realistically, what if AColeman loses, add Lesnar loses to Mir......does the UFC owe Coleman one last big HW payday?? The benefit being re-ligitimizing Brock in a relatively risk free fight
Would anyone be interested in Coleman/Lesnar under either circumstances?

lol "Coleman is not getting any younger – and Lesnar certainly isn’t getting any smaller."
1/15/09 3:07:06PM
Looking past Shogun lol god I cant wait until Saturday.
1/15/09 6:25:10PM
Coleman want ever make it to Brock they won't just give him a first fight at HW title shot so that means he will have to win a fight or to. Unless they give him a can to fight I don't see him wining any. He can't beat Kongo,Randy,Nog,Mir,Heath,or any top guys so don't look for him to get to Brock.
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