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12/12/09 6:16:08AM
The five-time World’s Strongest Man champion, Mariusz Pudzianowski blitzed through his MMA debut on Friday, Dec. 11, at KSW 12 in Warsaw, Poland.

Facing a professional boxer and fellow MMA newcomer, Marcin "El Testosteron" Najman, "Pudzian," a fourth-kyu green belt in Kyokushin Karate and former amateur boxer, stalked his foe for the first fifteen seconds.

With the thunderous roar of the crowd chanting his name, Pudzian started battering Najman’s legs as if he were shooting a soccer ball from long range. The kicks quickly took a toll on "El Testosteron," who fell to the mat and succumbed to Pudzian’s ferocious ground-and-pound at 43 seconds of the first round.

12/12/09 8:28:47AM
sweet! hope he continues
12/12/09 8:53:53AM
He looked like an amateur, he could probably beat any body on pure strength alone. He did have the most powerful kicks I've ever seen.
12/12/09 8:54:43AM
12/12/09 9:02:02AM
His kicks were strong but lacking in tecnique. Overall he did well and i hope to see him again soon.
12/12/09 9:30:25AM
Leg kicks directly from hell!
12/12/09 11:19:46AM
"El Testosteron" - surely that should be Mariusz's nickname?

Nice armbar by the ref to pull him off at the end.

I reckon he won't have the stamina to last 15 mins with all that muscle mass.
12/12/09 11:33:30AM
I thought he looked pretty good considering it was his first fight.

No worse than Brock or Lashely looked (in regards to his all round game) in their debuts.

His GnP looked quite good and his kicks were pwoerful, obviously he needs work but it was his first ever fight, he did well.
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