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2/20/09 4:57:50PM
Who do you got?

I think it's actually gonna be a pretty sick fight for as long as it last. I think it will look like Varner/Hicks like Hicks will land his bombs and Rob will expose Hicks wildness and land with some vicious muay thai strikes but I believe in the end Hicks will drop him with a haymaker and finish with a very tight guillotine, probably in the middle of the 1st.
2/20/09 5:21:14PM
I haven't given up on Razor yet. Hicks is a tough match for any lightweight, but I think Robs kickboxing will pick him apart on the feet, if he can keep it standing. I think after a close first round, Hicks will get caught in the second and go down.
2/21/09 6:21:43AM
If Razor Rob doesn't win this, he's lost me.
2/21/09 9:43:22AM
I'm picking Hicks, Razor just seems like this ineffective counterpuncher ever since Varner beat him and I think its gonna continue take its toll on Hicks
2/21/09 10:53:38AM
This is one of those matchups where Razor really should win but you get that sinking feeling that if he makes one mistake Hicks will take it. I've got Razor with some major anxiety.
2/22/09 2:09:31AM
im looking forward to this fight also,.......i got hicks
2/22/09 1:59:01PM
I still think McCullough is a good fighter. He has had the bad luck of facing the first, and second best lightweights in the WEC in three fights. It's not his fault, he pretty much had Varner beat until he knocked his mouthpiece out and ... you know the rest. He took Cowboy to a decision, which he had never been to before.

I think that Rob outclasses Hicks.
2/24/09 4:24:07PM
Razor Rob all day.
2/25/09 9:38:15AM
We are going with Hicks for obvious reasons. It's the last fight on our contract with Hicks but we'll stick with him. He's a very humble guy, down to earth.

Good luck Marcus, just do your thing. It's going to be a fun fight to watch no doubt.

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