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9/20/08 4:50:01PM

“I’d gotten hurt pretty bad before my last fight,” Davis begins. “Three weeks before the fight I had torn all the connective tissue between my tricep and rear deltoid. I continued to train and what ended up happening was, because of the way I punch, I ended up getting an impingement in the front of my shoulder. I really messed up my shoulder pretty bad and it was all down to the weightlifting I was doing at the time. I was lifting way, way too heavy.”
Now preparing to get back in the saddle and fight Brit hope Paul Kelly at UFC 89, Davis promises a new model. A new man. The slimline version.
9/20/08 4:58:09PM
hopefully the new and improved Marcus will have TD defense, because in a division full of wrestlers his slick stand-up won't be enough. i am really interested to see how he looks against Kelly and i just hope he returns to his winning ways.

9/20/08 6:07:10PM
i think the best take down defense he could get would be spread his legs get a wide base and swing at there head
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