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9/23/07 12:13:22PM
he was the judge that scored both chuck and diego the winner, what is with that. personally i thought jardine should have won a unanimous decision and giving chuck the win on the cards was worse that giving diego the win, but while both fights were fairly close, i thought jardine and fitch were the clear winners, something is fishy with this guy, i just found it interesting that he was the dissenting judge in both fights.
9/23/07 12:36:59PM
I agree completely. As I am a big Liddell fan it is hard to say this, but he did get dominated. There is no way he won two rounds. I do think he won the first round, he landed more effective strikes. Overall, it was an easy 29-28 win for Jardine. It was as if Liddell lost his heart when Jardine tagged him in the 2nd round. He wasn't the same after that. I am disappointed in both him and Cro cop. Then, Shogun loses! What the hell is happening?
9/23/07 1:34:00PM
Apparently everyone was on to Cecil Peoples, as this was the first card I've ever seen him call straight. So, it looks like Marcos Rosales is the one to watch for now. Anyone know if Rosales is the one who gave Tyson Griffin the 30/27 nod?
9/23/07 4:05:35PM
The UFC needs to adopt the Pride scoring system.