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4/3/09 9:08:47PM
Does anyone have the scoop on this?

I just started researching him since I heard all Bravo's praise of him.

Is Garcia going to fight again? He looked REALLY bad in his last fight with poor takedowns but he has a ton of potential and I'm still excited about his potential.

But I was hoping maybe someone knew or had heard about any MMA talk from him.
4/3/09 9:39:26PM
I haven't heard anything about him in awhile. I honestly think he should stick to jits. His butt-scooting style (I mean that with no offense) just doesn't transfer well imo. Marcelo's style doesn't really include takedowns and as such I don't think he will ever make the transition a la Jacare or Maia. Who knows, though? He obviously has some natural athletic ability so he could always evolve I guess.
4/3/09 11:20:54PM
Yeah, I don't think he plans on continuing with MMA. I have a huge amount of respect for Marcelo Garcia... I think he is one of the top BJJ players in the world, but MMA is a different sport. His aggressive grappling style is highly entertaining, but man once you start trying some of that stuff he tries on an MMA guy you're eating knees, punches and kicks all day long
4/4/09 3:38:45PM
He is planning on attempting MMA again in 2009. In late 08' he joined ATT to help him in the transition, and at least according to Jorge Santiago--he is making significant improvements. Here's the most recent article I could come up
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