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12/4/08 1:12:01PM
12/4/08 1:15:03PM
He was getting hammered... I think it went on about as long as it needed to. You didn't need to see Tapia kissing canvas to know that he was not going to win that fight.
12/4/08 1:21:50PM
Early stoppage.......?

I'm Thinkin.......NO!
12/4/08 1:25:07PM
Good video. Manny seems to kind of have that personality that makes a fan favorite.

Manny didn't seem to be irate over the stoppage, and I think when he reviews the tape he'll have a different perspective on the stoppage. Sometimes a fighter doesn't realize how hurt they are in the midst of the fight with the adrenaline pumping. It was a good stoppage. Many was laying on his side after a vicious shot, and he continued to lay there as Miguel hammered the side of his face.

It was obvious he was having a hard time getting his footing. No one else seemed to have a problem though (Miguel certainly didn't) so maybe he just has really sweaty feet andthe mat isn't to blame.

It's possible he probably could have continued, as I don't think he was out, but he was definetely stunned and would have been on the receiving end of some more "free shots" until he collected himself, which would have probably ended in a serious concussion.
12/4/08 1:36:23PM
Perfect stoppage. Tell Manny to stop bitching.Get over it and move on!
12/4/08 1:57:09PM
maybe they could have stopped it when tapia was dead then. the stoppage timing was perfect.
12/4/08 2:02:26PM
I agree.

Just kidding!!
12/4/08 2:12:12PM
i'm sure he's mad now but he didn't want that fight to go any further
12/4/08 3:10:36PM
IT WAS DONE IMO the guys that say the stoppage came to soon are usually wrong and come across as sore loosers most times.
12/4/08 3:11:19PM
Nope perfect stop.
12/4/08 3:17:37PM
Where is a Referee to put a STOPPAGE to his crying?
12/4/08 4:57:16PM
all the people sayin he is bitchin and cryin come on, he said it was called early, its not like he is going crazy over it. ANY fighter will say it was stopped to soon because they are willin to pretty much die in the cage, they have the heart to gogogog and never quit, mannys a cool guy and i hope to see him back in there
12/4/08 5:05:01PM
My only complaint with this fight is that Miguel didnt land that crazy rolling kick
12/4/08 5:34:39PM
Definitely not!!! good call in my opinion
12/5/08 2:06:37AM
I find it much, much easier to be a fan of a fighter who can say "yeah, I got caught and I'll get him next time." It was a perfect stoppage.
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