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12/9/12 12:51:49AM

Marquez wins by knockout in the 6th. I'm floored.
12/9/12 1:03:42AM
massive massive massive KO by marquez

very impressive
12/9/12 1:05:56AM
Daaaaayum! Pac had him hurt, too.
12/9/12 1:56:44AM
that was insane
12/9/12 5:11:07AM
whoa! i can't wait to see the video. fucking hate i had to work tonight.
12/9/12 8:49:35AM
I actually went to bed after the fox fights.
12/9/12 9:29:57AM
Is there still a big interest in a Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight?
12/9/12 9:32:45AM

Posted by JLS1980

Is there still a big interest in a Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight?

I'd venture to say that ship has now sailed.
12/9/12 10:59:57AM
Both of them missed out on a mammoth payday
12/9/12 11:09:57AM
his wife was freaking out after he got ko' man that was a devastating knockout
12/9/12 11:32:40AM
How many Mexicans does it take to KO Pacquiao?

12/9/12 12:47:14PM
12/9/12 5:29:10PM

Posted by grappler0000

Posted by JLS1980

Is there still a big interest in a Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight?

I'd venture to say that ship has now sailed.

Agreed. Unless Pacquiao won a 5th fight very convincingly the fight is dead, and even if that happened the interest would be nowhere near what it was before this loss.
12/9/12 6:17:10PM
I personally think interest died down on Pac/$May after Pac/Marquez 4, even less after he lost to Bradley, now pretty much dead after the KO loss last night.
12/9/12 6:35:52PM
i'd like to see Mayweather fight Pac-Man, but mainly bc I've had a running bet w/ a friend of mine that if it happened, Mayweather would finish Manny.

Doubt we ever see it. I wouldnt be surprised if we dont ever see Floyd fight again, assuming he doesn't blow all of his money.
12/9/12 7:27:50PM
Assuming Mayweather can stay out of anymore trouble, I actually think the pac/mayweather fight is most likely to happen now than ever. Its just a shame the hype behind it wont be as big.

Mayweather and Pacquiao have both been marketed for the past several years as the best p4p boxer in the sport, and until last night it was very debatable which one truly deserved the claim. They both know that if they took the fight with each other someone would lose and become significantly less marketable. Even with their fights with common opponents (hatton, cotto, mosely, ect..) a lot of attention in the media was centered around questions about the potential pac/mayweather superfight, which just created more intrigue in their fights with other boxers. Sure they could have a massive payday by making the superfight happen, but why take one giant payday when you could each have several large paydays taking on other opponents. Both know that the risk of losing in that superfight means any other subsequent fight would be significantly less marketable

But now that Pacquiao has been KO'd, I think its pretty clear in most ppl's minds that Mayweather is the p4p best and Pac is #2. Sure many will still dispute that but their argument has a lot less weight behind it now. Mayweather probably feels a lot less threatened by pacquiao now and will have a lot more leverage in negotiations to make the fight happen. Its still gonna be a huge payday for both anyways
12/9/12 8:00:58PM
i dont think it happens, bc of the money split. if mayweather was already demanding a bigger percentage, imagine what he'd try to get out of it now.
12/9/12 8:57:43PM
The problem now is that a lot of people who gave Mayweather no chance back then will start jumping on his bandwagon. I know a lot of that bunch and really wanted the fight to happen back then to make some $$ from them, now? meeeh.
12/9/12 11:24:12PM
12/10/12 8:02:14AM
Marquez did what I thought Mayweather would do to Pacquiao. Make Pacquiao miss, get him frustrated, Make Pacquiao over commit to his punches then drop the hammer on him. Floyd would have fought a much cleaner fight against Pacquiao but Marquez got the job done.
12/10/12 9:19:41AM
Either way Bob Arum is getting fucked over and i find that hilarious now that the Floyd Manny fight is unlikely.

However, Pacquiao is now the 147lb welterweight planking champion of the world.
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