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7/10/11 11:21:05PM
Manny Gamburyan suffered his second loss in a row when he dropped a unanimous decision to Xtreme Couture standout Tyson Griffin at UFC on Versus 4 in Pittsburgh.

While Griffin emerged victorious, some observers felt that Gamburyan had done enough to get the victory after scoring several takedowns in the fight.
7/10/11 11:35:57PM
Manny is a stand up guy and isn't usually a complainer or winer so when he feels an injustice has been done on the part of the judges then I wouldn't call it sour grapes coming from Manny. He has some pretty valid points as to why he should of won in this fight but the fact is Griffin got the nod and nothing can change it. Maybe a rematch is due but I don't really see the point imo Griffin DID just a little more than Manny in the fight and got the decision and if they did rematch I don't see the outcome being different unless Griffin gets caught by a big shot but yeah Manny should move on from this loss. I reckon Manny should fight Chang Sung - Jung or Pablo Garza next.
7/11/11 12:35:13AM
"I’ll come back stronger; it’s not his fault. The referee and the judges really sucked this time.”

The ref didn't score the fight Manny.
7/11/11 1:18:47AM
No. I don't think so..backing up and getting kicked a zillion times does not win you a fight. He won round 1.
7/11/11 1:42:20AM
I wanted him to win b/c I picked him, but he was fading towards the end and he lost.
7/11/11 6:39:50AM
Seeing it live I had manny winning, but when i watched it later it was a pretty easy UD for Griffin.
7/11/11 8:32:04AM
Sour Grapes
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