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11/5/07 8:39:51AM
Multiple sources, including UFC Daily, are reporting that Manny Gamburyan (5-2) of Ultimate Fighter 5 fame, will finally make his return to the octagon after suffering a separated shoulder in the season finally against Nate Diaz.
Gamburyan, cousin to UFC star Karo Parisyan, tore through his opposition on TUF 5 en route to the season finale showdown verses Diaz. Gamburyan was clearly winning against Diaz before suffering the fight ending injury.

According to sources, he will fight Nate Mohr in December at UFC 79. Mohr (8-4) last fought in a decision win over Luke Caudillo at Ultimate Fight Night 10 and is 4-1 in his last five fights.

11/5/07 8:58:10AM

why not make the rematch

Surely Nate Diaz is ok and ready to fight aroundabout then?

Easy win for Manny then, as Nohr has good striking but wont be to handle him on the ground, prelim we will never see aint as good as the solid rematch on the main card that they could of had

My hope for other good fights on the 79 card are slowly dwindling, looks like 2 great maine events and then 7 meh fights
11/5/07 9:38:22AM
I heard in an interview that Diaz wasn't interested in a rematch with Manny, I think it said that he beat him once, he shouldn't have to fight him again or some crap like that. I think Diaz knew he was losing and doesn't want to fight Manny and actually lose this time around.
11/5/07 9:44:35AM
Diaz was getting owned in that fight he did nothing i would like the rematch for manny's sake. Nate diaz sucked in that fight i dont really like that kid much.
11/5/07 11:48:31AM
UFC is going to set things up later on.... same story they did with Bisping and Hamill
11/5/07 12:25:29PM
the thing with that fight is that manny was gonna gnp diaz for all 3 rounds until diaz could lock in a submission and tap him out. Diaz would've spent most of 3 rounds on his back, and obviously would've lost the decision, but there was about a 50/50 chance that he would get the sub. As for diaz saying that he shouldnt have to fight him again cause he got the W.. i havent seen that quote, and somewhat doubt it was said that way, if at all. If he did say that he didnt want a rematch with him.. its somewhat understandable. Manny is a bad matchup for him stylistically, and if he agrees to the rematch, then he's pretty much agreeing to the rubber match.. thats probably 3 of his first 5 or 6 fights against one guy who you dont match up well against. A fighter should fight whoever is put infront of him, so if the ufc wants it then diaz should fight it.. but it doesnt make much sense for him to seek this fight out
11/5/07 2:36:25PM

Posted by Ordep

UFC is going to set things up later on.... same story they did with Bisping and Hamill

I agree. They will let the two of them get some other fights in, get a couple wins under their belts and then build up a rematch when it looks like the fight will have more significance as far as their place in the division.
11/5/07 2:52:17PM
mohr is not an easy opponent, i think manny takes it but he will have some trouble.
11/5/07 2:56:06PM
Not interested in watching Manny lay on more people.
11/5/07 3:16:36PM
I would have to go with Manny taking this one, he went to decision with Sherk and has wins over Sam Morgan and Jorge Santiago. Manny was definately winning the points match in his fight with Diaz, although it was quite possible that he was going to get sub'ed.
11/5/07 6:14:38PM
manny vs Diaz= Diaz wins

diaz may have been got hit the 1st round but how many sub did he go for? a lot

diaz would have sub him in the 2nd round, why fight manny again, manny need to fight his way up to nate diaz because manny LOST
11/5/07 11:15:23PM
Nate Mohr is no joke, but I can see Manny controlling on the ground.
11/6/07 10:04:05AM

Posted by cmill21

Not interested in watching Manny lay on more people.

its no worse then watching a lyota machida fight

plus i actually like manny. he speaks english and he actually seems like an okay guy

nate mohr is a golden gloves but i highly doubt this fight spends much time on the feet

im going with manvel by tko round 1 via gnp
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