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6/15/08 5:48:03PM
If they're any MODS out there just wondering where my 4 points are for perfectly picking the Manhoef v Sakuraba fight. I didn't see Sakuraba tap the ref stopped the fight and the only place I see Tapout listed is here on the Playground WTF?
6/15/08 5:54:44PM
Dude, do not put a result in the title of your thread! The first replay is on right now so alot of people may not have stayed up all night and watched it live. Gaahhhh I hadn't seen that fight and avoided spoilers all day.
6/15/08 6:06:22PM
Truly sorry, I honestly didn't even think.
6/15/08 6:11:17PM
yea dude you weren't the first one to notice LINK

i also had manhoef 1st KO, and the weird thing is that in the results, they made a mistake in putting Mousasi Judges decision/Tapout (simple mistake, didnt take/give points to anybody)...but they fixed it, and for whatever reason they didnt fix the saku/manhoef fight
6/15/08 6:15:36PM
In my anger I gave away the fight outcome in the title and overlooked the other thread which I did look for.
6/15/08 7:10:15PM
yeah i got every pick right and only got 73 points. AHHHHHHHH
6/15/08 7:27:51PM
Yep, clearly a KO and 4 more points for me. There was no tapout on that one.
6/15/08 8:10:29PM
I was wondering what was up with that as well, Mods hungover today or something?
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