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7/11/10 11:27:59AM
This fight is the very reason why I now hate cages. Melvin's head was wedged underneath the corner pad, and there was no where for him to scramble out of the position he was in. That was a dreadful ending to that match.
7/11/10 1:17:33PM
I don't understand

You don't like cages because Manhoef got caught tangled up in the corner of a ring? I don't see the logic of that.

I am not sure that the corner was the reason this fight went the way it did, either. Manhoef wasn't looking like a winner off his back regardless. I don't think he would have been in trouble whether the end of the fight took place in the middle of the ring or in the corner.
7/11/10 5:14:25PM
Yeah man, your post is pretty confusing!
7/13/10 10:35:10AM
I said what the heck and put 5 bucks on Mizuno, made 20, now which I had bet 20.
7/14/10 12:51:19AM
This fight definently made me happy, nothin better than watching a dudes spirit break after he realizes the dude across the ring isnt just going to lay down.
7/25/10 7:15:57PM
DOH! Sorry everyone, I meant this is why I hate rings. bah!
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