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3/25/07 2:40:05PM
Ok, you know how this works:

NO INTERNET, just your brain
PM the answers to me, but feel free to comment so it goes TTT

Also, no Pancrese/K-1

1. Why did Ken Shamrock not participate in UFC 2?
a. Filming a movie
b. Wanted time to work on jui-jitsu defense
c. Participated in Pancrese event
d. Broken hand

2. What type of pet does Fedor have?
Pet Turtle
A few people answered cat/dog. Not sure if it's true or they were just guessing

3. Name an MMA trilogy where one figher lost the first two, but won the final bout?
Don Frye/Gary Goodridge and some Pancrese ones

4. Who did Tank Abbott get into a backstage brawl with? (UFC 12, I think)
Wallid Ismail

5. Who was the first fighter to KO a Gracie in prof. MMA?
Dan Henderson over Renzo, PRIDE 13

6. What were the special rules for the LeBanner/Sapp fight? (at least one)
Alternating MMA and K-1 rounds and no judges

This one is tricky: "Fighter A" beat "Fighter B" twice, "Fighter B beat "Fighter C" twice, "Fighter C beat "Fighter A" twice
7. Fighter A is:Matt Hughes
8. Fighter B is: Frank Trigg
9. Fighter C is:Dennis Hallman
(There is more than one correct order)

10. Who wore a t-shirt to PRIDE 16 that read "TERRORISTS SUCK?"
Don Frye

11. Who beat Trevor Prangley, Mauricio Rua and Jeremy Horn.. on the same night?
Renato "Babalu" Sobral

12. Which Gracie did Tito Ortiz call out when he was the under 200lb. champion?
Renzo Why not Royce or Rickson, who knows?

13. Name at least one MMA Trilogy that went 3-0 (other than Tito/Ken, too easy)
Wandy / Saku
Barnett / Cro Cop
Horn / Sonnen

a. Nate Quarry b. Royler Gracie c. Matt Hughes d. Wandy e. Saku f. Rampage

14. "I'm not at all impressed by Judo"
c. Matt Hughes

15. "He has a weak chin, and I have heavy hands"
a. Nate Quarry

16. "I gotten heavier, and it's effected my cars fuel consumption"
e. Sakuraba
17. "War only in the ring, peace on earth"
d. Wanderlei

Thanks for all those who tried and gave me some feedback
3/25/07 2:41:22PM
Richieb19: 13 / 17
Migo: 11 / 17
Hippysmacker: 11 / 17
Svartorm: 7 / 17
Madmarck: 7/17
3/25/07 4:06:09PM
PM sent
3/25/07 5:27:07PM
Results updated
3/25/07 10:24:22PM
Sent. I gotta assume Rapage is Rampage. Otherwise nobody is gonna want to roll with that guy
3/26/07 1:59:14AM
Updated results.
3/26/07 2:37:03AM
That was a good one bro. That Fighter A, B and C question killed me. hehehe
3/26/07 3:08:32AM
I used that one as an example of why MMMATH is BS
3/26/07 12:57:39PM
3/26/07 2:56:27PM

Posted by Svartorm

That was a good one bro. That Fighter A, B and C question killed me. hehehe

I nailed that one. Thhe Triology one took me like 5 minutes to figureout! I wanted to cheat so bad.
I destroyed this quiz, i hope, GJ manfred.
3/26/07 3:38:28PM

Posted by madmarck

I destroyed this quiz, i hope, GJ manfred.

Not exactly, but you did good. I threw in some doosies
3/27/07 2:32:27AM
Anyone else going to try before I fess up the answers?
3/27/07 9:59:22AM
Answers are up. Any input, criticisms or ideas are welcome.
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