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2/9/07 10:18:26PM
OK, Madmarck and Cowcatcher told me to keep it hard, so here goes:

Who am I?
1. - I’ve had 23 prof. fights and never fought the same opponent twice
- I’ve lost to Ryoto Machida but beaten Jorge Rivera
- I first learned submissions from instructional videos
- My nickname is because of the way I look
Rich Franklin

2. – I’ve had 25 prof. fights including 2 rematches and one trilogy/rubber match
- I have wins over Wes Sims and Jason Lambert
- I went 16-0 before my first professional loss
- My original nickname was “Grizzly Bear”
Tim Sylvia

3 – I’ve had 38 prof. fights including 4 rematches and one trilogy
- I have wins over Eugene Jackson and Guy Metzger
- I have a BJJ black belt but only win via submission hold.
- My original nickname was “Mad Dog”
Wanderlei Silva

4. - I have 47 prof. fights including 5 rematches
- At Abu Dhabi, I submitted J. Horn but lost to Jeff Monson and Tito Ortiz
- I sell gear on my website and some of the profits go to a Mexican Orphanage
- I do not have a nickname
Matt Hughes

TUF Trivia (Seasons 1-4)
5. Shonie Carter and Matt Serra had a rematch on TUF, name at least one more (bonus for naming more)
Spratt/Lytle and Bisping/Pointon (There we several others that fought before the show, but didn't rematch on it. (Leben/Swick)

6. Which TUF contestant had pre-TUF victories over Travis Fulton and Jeff Monson?
Forrest Griffin

7. Which TUF contestant lost to Tim Sylvia twice before the show?
Mike Whitehead

8. Name at least one TUF 1-3 contestant who had over 20 prof. fights before the show? (bonus for more)
Melvin Guillard - 23, Kerry Shall - 24
Sam Morgan - 24, Joe Stevenson - 29

Mixed Bag:
9. Name at least 3 fighters (that fought in the UFC) with the word “Assassin” in their nickname? (bonus for more)
Josh Barnett (Babyface), Melvin Guillard (Young)
Mikey Burnett (East side), David Terrel (Soul) Sam Hogar (Alaskan)

10. In the UFC by-laws, if the Fertitta brothers cannot agree, how is the dispute resolved?
Sport Jiu-Jitsu match

11. Which former UFC Champion has a degree in education from Univ. of Ohio?
Mark Coleman (Franklin went to Univ. of Cinn.) Everyone put Franklin down

12. Who said, “I hope Wanderlei knocks him out quick, ‘cause I gotta take a dump”?
Could only be RAMPAGE

Thanks for trying guys! Feedback? Too hard, too easy, too long, too short, too sucky Misleading? (like #11?)
2/9/07 10:19:11PM
You have until about midnight east coast time on Sat., (Sun morning for me) then I'll post the answers

thelastking: 10/12 (9+1 bonus)
stikefirstgear: 10/12 (14/12 on second try)
roadking95th: 9/12 (7 + 2 bonus)
cowcatcher: 7/12
hippysmacker: 7/12 (6 + 1 bonus) 8/12 (7+1 bonus) on 2nd try
Madmarck: 5/12
mmadb: 3/12
Svartorm: 3/12
2/10/07 12:47:54AM
I suck.
2/10/07 12:54:07AM
Damn, not having cable screwed you on this one sorry.

Just so you know, I live in Budapest and don't have much american tv either. But there are ways.....

Could you edit/remove your answers now that I've seen them. (keeps it more fair)
2/10/07 2:38:37AM
Yeah, but you have ridiculously hot women there, so you probably don't have time to watch too much tv.
2/10/07 3:46:47AM
2/10/07 11:49:00AM
2/10/07 2:42:00PM
my answers are in, i knew about 50% for sure and had a few educated guesses, interested to see what i get
2/10/07 5:27:15PM
Same here. That quiz was awesomely hard. Keep making these. i love em.
2/11/07 1:39:27AM
Results are up!
2/11/07 6:52:52AM
Sweet i suck! Lets go for another one!
2/11/07 7:55:01AM

Posted by madmarck

Sweet i suck! Lets go for another one!

LOL, at least you tried. I'll create another sometime.
2/11/07 8:07:22AM

Posted by Manfred

Posted by madmarck

Sweet i suck! Lets go for another one!

LOL, at least you tried. I'll create another sometime.

No Rush dude. But they have been good so far. Im looking forward to the next one. Hopefully ill pass..............
2/11/07 10:41:47AM
Good trivia man keep up the good work. I cant believe i missed the Rampage one
2/11/07 11:18:58AM
Man, I got railed on that...I got the assassin question yet somehow missed Josh Barnett, that's weak.

I still think Rock Paper Scissors Match for number 10 should have garnered a bonus point or something though.
2/11/07 12:59:14PM
manfred is my favorite poster now
2/11/07 3:34:23PM
Not positive, but didn't Coleman go to Ohio State?
2/11/07 4:20:36PM
You know what, you are right. I just double checked and I goofed!
MY BAD. I always fact check before I do these, but I screwed the pooch on that one.
Thanks, I'll be more careful next time.
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