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2/4/12 10:33:19AM
Malki Kawa understands why Cesar Gracie's highest-profile client, Nick Diaz, would wait on the sidelines if he's victorious at tonight's UFC 143 event.

Diaz (26-7 MMA, 7-4 UFC) and Carlos Condit (27-5 MMA, 4-1 UFC) headline tonight's pay-per-view event and fight for an interim welterweight title, and injured champ Georges St-Pierre awaits the winner in the fall.

And while he understands the financial benefits of waiting for St-Pierre, Kawa thinks his client, Condit, would be better off taking another fight instead of waiting.

2/4/12 10:50:34AM
rematch Rory McD
2/4/12 2:02:05PM
That's what I like to hear. Condit vs. Ellenberger rematch in a 5 round fight sounds pretty awesome. It's a shame it's not going to happen that way
2/4/12 2:04:31PM

Posted by BeeR

rematch Rory McD

From the standpoint of a fan, I would like that fight, but if I were advising Condit on the best course of action for his career, that's the very last thing I would tell him to do lol.
2/4/12 2:38:30PM
I don't think either one would wait around too long for GSP. But he isn't supposed to be out for too long. I think regardless of what they want to do the winner is fighting GSP. However I really like the idea of a new WW Champion because it reopens a very closed division. MW Division is next....all dynasties eventual fall!
2/4/12 6:59:32PM

Posted by BeeR

rematch Rory McD

This would be the more likely scenario if Condit loses tonight (and it's something I'd really like to see).

If he wins against Diaz and rematched Rory, and ended up losing, then the big GSP showdown coming out of this interim title is null and void since Rory will not fight GSP.

More likely it would be better to have him fight the winner of Ellenberger/Sanchez. And then whoever wins that one should get GSP.

Or he can just wait it out... although I like that he's not interested in playing it safe.

But... I still think that Diaz will take it tonight, so this whole post will probably be invalid a few hours from now...
2/5/12 12:50:51PM
Fight ellenburger/ sanchez winner
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