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2/15/11 12:11:56AM
Joseph Lozito, the man being dubbed a hero for helping disarm and capture a New York man accused of going on a 28 hour stabbing spree, says that watching mixed martial arts fights for 20 years may have saved his life.

Lozito used his leg to sweep Maksim Gelman off his feet when the accused killer lunged at him on a subway car with what Lozito described as a "giant knife."

Lozito, his face bruised and his skulled slashed from his fight with Gelman, told "Good Morning America" today that he was alert to Gelman as soon as the suspect boarded the train at Penn Station.

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2/15/11 12:28:54AM
Joseph Lozito truly is a hero. All these psychos like Maksim Gelman that go on killing sprees like that should just skip killing everyone and just start by killing themselves. Just because you hate life and everyone in it doesn't mean you need to kill anyone else. Quit being a fuc#ing pus$y and just kill yourself.
2/15/11 7:33:52AM
Even being on TV he explains hes not a fighter and never trained just happened to use a sweep he has seen before. What a great guy.
2/15/11 8:55:21AM
Come on N.Y., this should get MMA sanctioned in your state. It's awful that the stabber wasnt caught sooner. Crazy
2/15/11 9:42:22AM
Dana White met with the man.

2/15/11 10:36:19AM
Great story with a great ending and as an added bonus, Dana gets some positive airtime for mma in NY.
2/15/11 10:40:40AM
That guy saved not only his own life, but potentially many more. I don't care what he says, he really is a hero.
2/15/11 11:17:36AM
yeah just watched this, great story props to Joeseph
2/15/11 1:37:59PM
Man that is a crazy story! Sounds like the guy was out of his mind on crack to me.
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