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1/17/11 9:23:31PM
An Italian man who was shot in the head during New Year managed to expel the bullet by sneezing.

The .22 calibre bullet entered his head, travelled behind his eye socket and wedged itself in his nasal passage. Incredibly it inflicted no major damage and while waiting to be seen by doctors he sneezed and the bullet came flying out of his nose.

1/17/11 9:34:56PM
That is completely epiic. It would suck to get shot in the head, but sneezing out a bullet would be the coolest thing ever.
1/17/11 9:52:55PM
Chuck Norris is Italian?
1/17/11 9:54:58PM
This is so AWESOME!!!!
1/17/11 9:55:55PM

Posted by grappler0000

Chuck Norris is Italian?

It was Tim Tebow, actually. Chuck Norris shot Tebow to show him he was still boss and Tebow sneezed out the bullet as a response.
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