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POLL: Will this guy beat Fedor in a fight?
Yes 0% (0)
No 82% (18)
No but perfect plan 5% (1)
This logic is sound 14% (3)
3/5/10 12:48:01AM
If you can't endure the video skip to 2:05

I think he's on to something. What do you guys think?

2:05 is really the science behind the plan.
3/5/10 1:06:52AM
i say no. hes calling alot of really smart fighters stupid and i really dont think he see's the sport side of MMA. i really dont think that fedor's body is that much of a weak point. it may be weaker than hitting his head but i dont think that he would go down from a single body kick. that guy is a ranting idiot
3/5/10 1:11:02AM

I saw this video a while ago and I find it hilarious!!!!
3/5/10 1:20:21AM
"Chuck Liddle" lmao
3/5/10 2:41:21AM
My boy showed me this vieo like 2 months ago I pissed myself laughing!!!
3/5/10 10:09:32AM
Haha is that guy serious?!
3/5/10 1:07:21PM
I can't, for the life of me, say Emelianenko correctly anymore after hearing that guy slaughter Emelianenko.
3/5/10 4:02:20PM
assuming my memory isn't failing me I believe crocop kicked him in the body several times to no effect so if this dude can kick harder than crocop and he can beat fedor then my question to him is why aren't you in mma????
3/5/10 6:34:35PM
Wish i had a dwarf head.
3/5/10 9:06:17PM
I watched this a few months ago and all I can say is I think it was even funnier the second time around . How did Arlovski's kick to the gut work out for him ? Obvious troll is obvious .
3/6/10 2:17:16AM
This guy is so annoying!

Is he trying to sound like he doesn't know who he is talking about on purpose?
3/7/10 8:23:00PM
Man's perfect plan to beating Fedor is:

3/8/10 12:57:35AM
Isnt this dude way too old to troll youtube and the internet?
3/9/10 8:05:57PM
He needs to clean his shed
3/9/10 8:21:48PM
i think that may be Keith Jardines dad.
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