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5/30/12 12:43:09PM
A man has died after his fifth MMA fight since taking up the sport only roughly a year ago. Dustin Jenson died after a brain injury following a loss at a May 18 South Dakota MMA event.

Rapid City Journal with the sad details:

Dustin Jenson, 26, was participating in full-contact fights at a RingWars event May 18 when he tapped out - a signal to end the fight. According to his mother-in-law, Violet Schieman, Jensen then watched the next two fights before going to the locker room area, where he suffered a seizure.


Schieman said medical personnel determined that Jenson had increased pressure on his brain and put him in a medically induced coma before surgery was performed to relieve pressure. He was declared dead May 24 and was taken off life support the next day, Schieman said.


Schieman, who was not at the fight, said her daughter, Jenson's wife Rebecca Jenson, and several others told her the violence in the fight was "nothing out of the ordinary."

5/30/12 1:21:54PM
Very sad and the unfortunate reality of fighting
5/30/12 1:48:52PM
I recently learned many people have a weak blood vessel in their brains and do not know it.

It is difficult to screen for these sort of things but I can see a successful promotional company like the ufc doing more detail screenings of their fighters in the future, if they are not doing so already, to help prevent such accidents.

5/30/12 2:04:45PM
Even though you know this can happen, it's still impossible to prepare for. That's the nature of all sports though.
5/31/12 2:30:42AM
these are the kinds of things that very detrimental to our sport. its a tragedy, for both the sport and his family.
5/31/12 10:34:39PM
This kid was a member at the same gym I use, I didn't know him personally but it's a tragedy that somebody could die doing something that they love to do.