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POLL: Which upcoming UFC main even are you most looking forward to?
Evans vs. Bisping at UFC 78 0% (0)
Huerta vs. Guida at TUF 6 Finale 27% (6)
Serra vs. Hughes at UFC 79 50% (11)
Liddell vs. Silva at UFC 79 23% (5)
10/21/07 10:15:54AM
UFC 77 was my worst event ever. I have been picking fights (and betting REAL money) for awhile now. I've always got at least 50%, but that UFC 77 card really did me in. I went 2-7, and I brought my total record for this season to 8-10 (after going 6-3 at UFC 76).

The only 2 winers I picked were Tim Syliva and Josh Burkman. Luckily, the Sylvia fight was the hot bout, and I got the prediction exactly correct. I ended up getting 22 of my 29 points from that fight. Funny thing is, my predictions had Vera as the winner until Friday. Glad I changed that one.

I promise to bring it at UFC 78, and I think I could pick all of the fights right on this one. I'm ready for this card now.
10/21/07 10:28:20AM
Liddell vs Silva isnt for go yet.

But im really excited for UFC 78 card because of all the legit match ups on the card but the only thing is its lacking a real draw me in main event. Ya know. Really wanted like BJ to fight sherk or joe on this card. Or have matt vs matt on this one and have liddell vs Silva at 79
10/21/07 10:32:24AM
I voted for Silva-Liddell. It should be fun to watch.
10/21/07 11:07:49AM
C'mon guys, the Evans/Bisping fight isn't THAT bad. It's not like it's the Okami/Franklin fight or anything. At least almost everyone has something invested in both of these guys from their TUF days.

I think that this fight may be the fight that sends Bisping to the MW division. I think that the Hamill fight (which he lost, I don't care what you say) was supposed to do that, but he won, and he thinks he can still contend at 205. He can't. Hamill is borderline top 20 in the LHW divison, and Bisping struggled/lost against him. Mike will get killed in this fight. It sucks that he has to get crushed to be convinced to move down. Dana is ruthless.

Surprisingly, I voted for the Guida/Huerta fight at the TUF 6 Finale. If Dana was a smart guy (he is, but I mean really smart), he'd make this the Main Event at UFC 78. It may not have drawing ability, but it's gonna be a hell of a fight.
10/21/07 12:03:01PM
Liddell vs. Silva if it does happen.
10/21/07 12:49:36PM
Huerta vs Guida should be an AWESOME matchup...both of them are balls to the wall fighters..with incredible transition games....and it will really show if Roger Huerta is the real deal or i went with that

and 77 was my best event so far...I missed three fights...but still racked up 63 points!!
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