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7/16/09 3:33:11AM
A man who ran naked through the Stateline casino core was subdued by a Taser on Tuesday before a group of “startled” children in the Harrah's Lake Tahoe casino arcade.

Sean Stanley Smith, 19, was jailed on charges of indecent exposure and resisting a peace officer.

He reportedly told officers he had ingested marijuana and LSD, and was running naked because he thought he was “the Terminator.”

7/16/09 3:41:30AM
wow GSP did get so smashed he couldn't remember his name.

thay say it was Sean Stanley Smith but thats a Dana White cover up if i ever saw one
7/16/09 4:21:26AM
7/16/09 5:32:19AM
Man, I hate when that happens. Just the other day I thought I was a Terminator at Wendy's.

Seriously, I would like to hear the chain of thoughts that occured in that guys head that convinced he was man-killing machine from the future whose mission was to streak a Harrah's.
7/16/09 6:45:44AM
If I had been there and heard/seen this, what I would'e told the guy as he was taken away is the obvious: Hasta La Vista, Baby.
7/19/09 11:37:03AM
I gotta find out who this guys "weed man" is, I never get weed that good, some people have all the luck.
7/19/09 11:36:03PM
I have partied pretty hard in my youth, never thought I was anything but me, let alone a f'n robot sent in the past. Some potent stuff indeed. Don't do drugs kids...especially if you're an idiot...

7/21/09 9:43:07AM
It was fun at the time. I'm now forced to post from my prison cell.
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