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9/15/08 8:12:14PM
I have BJJ and kick boxing for 2 hours every tues and thurs and some more grappling on saturday mornings. I'm a former competitive weightlifter and would like to keep strength training a part of my schedule. I was wondering if anyone could just give me a basic idea on how to set up a program. I was thinking something like this

friday-cardio, assistance,high rep, conditioning blah blah blah
saturday- upper body heavy
sunday- lower body heavy

what do u guys think?

any help will be appreciated thank u
9/15/08 10:46:11PM
Depending on the intensity level of your MMA training it's hard to say. I tried doing both for a while but my joints simply couldn't handle the regimen and I didn't have the down time necessary for resting them. (Work/school) then again, I train 3 days a week so for you it may be different. We also train very hard and hold very little back.

I have done a 2 days a week full body workout that was absolutely amazing. Perhaps you should consider that? You'd have to balance it out beginning of the week for one day then end of the week for the other day. It's all compound lifts and heavy weight. Not sure if that's what you're looking for or not, but it certainly did the trick for me. I actually made a ton of gains and felt really great once I got a couple weeks into program.

The problem with doing that workout along with training consistently is the stress on your joints. (specifically shoulders and knees) I've found glucosamine to be very helpful and of course lots of ice, heat and rest. (Which is why I couldn't continue.. didn't have time for the icing, heating and resting)
11/10/08 4:09:38PM
In addition to your BJJ and Thai I would add your fridays to almost every day.

You need to be able to last until the final bell in case you can't win before. I have learned and have always said that you should train for the last 5 seconds of your fight and not the first 5 seconds.
11/10/08 4:12:23PM
well I am glad to see you added rest days in there... alot of people forget that especially the older guys..
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