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6/9/08 8:03:33AM
Dong Hyun Kim's impressive May 24 UFC debut was not televised in North America, but in South Korea it was shown live.

And then it was shown again.

And then it was shown again: three times total, with commentary, prior to the resumption of live coverage.

Even before the translator could mangle Kim's responses to Joe Rogan in the postfight interview, YTN, the Korean cable news network, had added "Kim Dong Hyun wins by TKO in first UFC contest" to the news ticker at the bottom of the screen, amid updates on American beef imports and the earthquake in China. KTX trains also added Kim's picture to the queue of rural photographs cycling on the aisle monitors.

Virtually unknown to all but hardcore fight fans, suddenly it seemed as if Kim was on every screen in Korea.

6/9/08 10:27:47AM
Very good news IMO. A new sport like MMA has a lot of potential to expand into new markets to gain both fans and fighters.
6/10/08 2:39:39AM
Sounds like I need to watch this guy fight, I dont think I have seen him yet. Good news though.
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