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12/4/08 10:34:20AM
i coach my old high school wrestling team(im an assistant coach) and i was very successful there in my youth going to state all 4 years, always placing top 8 with 2nd being my top finish, and my high school has a very strong tradition here in WI. i just came off of 2 knee surgeries in the past 7 months and am getting back into shape while coaching and the head coach(a former teammate) has put together a exhibition card for the team to watch december 19th in which ill be wrestling competetivly for the first time since the badger state games in 2002. im not sure the singlet is going to fit anymore, but im going to squeeze and tuck into it and take on a former teammate that in the old days was 80 lbs more than me but ive "grown" since then so now we are on an even playing field. so my training has started already this week and im hoping to not embarass myself in front of the kids i coach, and more importantly not blow a knee again or something. should be fun so wish me luck and pray i dont break a hip in my old age.
12/4/08 10:35:36AM
Good luck. Don't forget the "T"uct Tape!

12/4/08 11:54:20AM
Good luck yo.
12/4/08 12:11:47PM
aye man best of luck to you. hopefully your return was better then ine i also am a assistant head coach for my old school, and two years ago we had a dual meet against our cross town rivals and for fun i wrestled there head coach and destroyed them so i was like ok im back. took a serious match and got owned lol. but

p.s if you get down think of the bananna
12/4/08 1:08:26PM
Good Luck and When in doubt it out!
12/5/08 8:27:29AM

Rock on man, your never too old to re live the dream.
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