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4/2/08 10:58:27AM
Does anyone else make real wagers?

Here in the UK i use skybet but for some reason they havnt added the fights, just the main event, they give these odds -

Kenny -175
Lauzon +125

Think i may have to take a compensation wager with Joe there (betting and picking on Kenny on here see)
4/2/08 3:22:36PM
Yea, I bet real money on fights at times. I find that often times online websites don't put up many of the UFN fights. I personally like Ken-flo to win and I actually think those are pretty good odds in favour of Ken-flo. I actually made a small parlay wager on Ken-flo/Karo and I am getting about +120.

Bet US has:
Kenny - 220
Joe +180

Bet 365 has:
Kenny - 230
Joe +185

I think the bookmaker your using is giving good odds for Ken-flo if you like him to win, I don't think it would be a bad bet. Good luck.
6/18/08 1:15:43PM
Any UK members on here seriously missed a trick yaknow! on they had all the fights at UFC 85 starting at 8pm but the prelims were over by then ................... SO

I bet a cool £75 on Matt Wiman AFTER he had KO'd Tavares and made an easy £225 from it cos he was +300 is that stealing? well i dont really give a fudge

Here are the new odds for TUF FINALE and UFC 86 on (tho i very much doubt they will ever make that mistake again so you will all just have to make real wagers this time good odds to work with tho!)

Our odds are different to the yank version but ive used a few examples, basically the 1st number is what you win and the 2nd number is what you have to put on

Grove 11/8 (thats +137) and Tanner 8/15 (-187)
Diego 1/4 (-400) and Luigi 11/4
Fisher 1/2 (-200) and Stephens 3/2 (+150)

Rampage 1/3 (-300) and Forrest 9/4 (+225)
Cote 8/11 and Almeida evens
Stevenson 2/5 (-250) and Tibua 7/4
Koscheck 1/3 (-300) and Lytle 9/4
Tyson 2/7 (-350) and Aurelio 5/2 (thats +250!!!)
6/18/08 2:43:37PM
Do you have to be in the UK to bet on the site...Id like to see what the Line on Hazelett and Burkman is
6/18/08 8:43:45PM

Posted by 40ouncetofreedom

Do you have to be in the UK to bet on the site...Id like to see what the Line on Hazelett and Burkman is

I think so dude sadly, but they dont have any other fights added, they usually only do the main card for some reason, it was them doing prelims cos it was in the UK that made them mess up and me pocket about £300 off of them

Nice to see you are as confident as me in Mclovin
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