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12/5/11 3:58:12PM
This fight got me worried boys.

Its a classic young up&comer vs seasoned veteran.

My heart tells me Makdessi will utilize his speed & taekwondo kicks to pick apart Hallman & eventually land a KO blow when the opportunity arises. Hallman doesn't have much of a chin & has been put to sleep 6 times before.

My head tells me that Makdessi will come out over-eager, leaving room for the crafty vet to score a quick TD. Hallman will showcase his world class BJJ & eventually make his submission record an even 40.

Help me put my mind at ease fellas! Am I over thinking it? Should I go with my gut?
12/5/11 4:12:33PM
Tough fight to call but I've been impressed thus far with Makdessi's takedown defense and I think if Hallman comes out like the house of fire he usuallly starts fights with that Makdessi can land a counter combo to end Hallman's night early. I think Hallman's a good fighter but I don't like his chances in this one.
12/5/11 4:42:51PM
I'm having the same concerns. I'd like Makdessi to win.

But Hallman is very experienced and should have the wrestling advantage. Probably the toughest opponent Makdessi has faced.

I'm sticking with Hallman UD b/c of that grappling.
12/5/11 5:08:46PM
Superman will put on a grappling clinic against whats his name.
12/5/11 5:49:58PM
I'm worried about his chin against Makdessi. He's been knocked out a few times in his career, stopped twice in his last four fights and Makdessi doesn't exactly have the softest fists.
12/5/11 10:58:04PM
I've been following Makdessi since his first fight in the UFC, been pretty impressed with him. I'll always be rootin for him but I don't know... Hallman has A LOT of experience.

Either gonna be KO by Makdessi or a UD or late Sub by Hallman
12/5/11 11:40:11PM
could definitely go either way, but I think Hallman is probably the safer pick. Wouldn't be surprised at all to see Makdessi KO him either though.
12/7/11 1:27:13PM
Right now I am going with makdessi
Very tough pick. May have to pick it on sat.
Save the hardest picks for sat. Give me more time to think about the matchup
12/10/11 10:52:40AM
this is the main fight I'm unsure of. I still have Hallman, but I think this can easily go either way on any given night. Hallman cutting to 155 can either be a good or bad thing obviously. May give him a good strength advantage and allow him to get a takedown, but it may also make him gas hard. I usually lean towards the guy who cuts weight, because as the overall skill level rises, size becomes more and more of a factor.
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