what will be co main event of ufc 86 in july??

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3/29/08 2:27:55AM
the card is not yet full but we already have 8 fights in the bag 4 main events and 4 prelims

4 prelims

bruno vs ??
hill vs buchholtz
miller vs ???
saunders vs ???

that is 4 prelims for sure

then main cards are

stevenson vs tibau
rampage vs griffin
cote vs almeida
lytle vs kos

no way lytle match will be co main event in vegas. i see at least 2 more fights added maybe even a third on this weak card. there has to big one more big fight. would love to see hendo fight, but we might have to settle for a mir bout if we get lucky maybe andre. i have to throw in gonzaga in there also. not the best card, ufc 84 and 85 have better main cards, just curious what the co main event will be??
3/29/08 2:43:35AM
I see Rampage/Griffin being the sole main event for this.

Both are big names and this event will sell itself with those 2 on it.

No co-main event required imo.

PS. With the addition of another solid fight to the main card this is definately shaping up to be as good as 84/85.
3/29/08 2:52:41AM
Internet rumblings have McCully as an opponent for Mir at UFC 86; I really don't care to see that though and that wouldn't qualify as a co-main event anyways.
3/29/08 9:51:48AM
from the moment it was announced i loved this card simply for the fact that we get to see Forrest vs Jackson!!! and finally some LHW title matches
3/29/08 10:28:35AM
This is July 5th so I think you could add Fitch/Karo to this card. Maybe even Serra/GSP vs Fitch/Karo for the title if the April fight is quick work for the winner.

But Jackson-Griffin is already a great enough Main event. Not to mention it's getting hyped up by TUF 7. Anything else as a co-main event is just a disappointment unless it's a #1 contenders or title fight. Because that main event is just so big.
3/29/08 11:15:52AM
let me think after tuf 6 they had hughes vs serra and lidell vs silva. so you are saying after tuf 7 that rampage vs forrest will be a bigger draw than the dec bouts.... are you crazy???????????
there is always a co main event march has kongo, april has the franklin bout, may has two tito bout and silva bout, june has the vera bout, to say that our co would be two guys who's last fights were on the prelims is a huge step backwards.
3/29/08 12:24:31PM
Don't get confused now, Chuck-Wandy was a fight several years in a making putting the most feared striker in each company against each other. People have been wanting to see that fight since forever. If you don't market that fight as a main event, then your a dumb businessman and should hire somebody to do marketing for you. But there is no huge fight like that anymore except Randy/Fedor and I doubt that fight will ever happen, nevertheless getting it done in the UFC by July.

I'm just saying the TUF 7 is all you need. Rampage and Forrest are huge fans. In the Hughes/Serra thing, not many people like or root for Serra so Hughes would have been bringing in most of his fans. But you have thousands of people split in deciding against each.

With Hughes/Serra & Wandy/Chuck the casual fan instantly knew who they were talking about and 3 of the 4 are extremely popular. But if you have Rampage/Forrest & Miir/McCully then the casual fan would be "Sweet, they have Forrest/Rampage, but who the heck are those other two?"
3/29/08 12:34:44PM
Colman vs. Lesnar? Did they give a date for that, if not that could be, they'd love to put Brock at a co-main spot.
3/29/08 3:51:45PM
3/29/08 3:53:25PM

Posted by imanidiot777

Colman vs. Lesnar? Did they give a date for that, if not that could be, they'd love to put Brock at a co-main spot.

I've heard that Lesnar and Coleman is in Minneapolis, MN in August.

Shogun needs to stay on track in his recovery and he'll most likely be on that card.
3/29/08 6:23:51PM
you know if i shelled out 45 bucks for the pay per view i wouldn't care less but a 1000 dollar trip is something else, i wanna see some good ass fights and i mean that as in main card plus a couple prelims like the march fight card as well as june
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