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9/4/08 11:22:52AM
given they already have the biggest pay per views set for the year should they add another big name fight say rampage vs wandy??
given the fact that forrest vs rampage didn't have a co main event
cote vs almeida is no co main event i am sorry.

or should the ufc add the rampage fight to dec card
but with big nog vs mir and forrest vs lidell/evans winner
they really don't need another big name fight
u add the return of shogun fighting sokou?? bonner?? maybe even evans if he loses??

that is one hell of a card.
given what fights are rumored for ufc 91
it is looking the florian vs stevenson battle might just be a co main event.
i still see kongo fighting on the card maybe against hardonck or cain.
i don't know if the gonzaga fight will make the main card
you also got amir fighting but if he fights nate loughlan i don't think it should be on the main card
maybe have kos vs AJ

swick won't be back till dec i think he will fight as main event on tuf finale
it will be interesting what the ufc does for the nov/dec events
9/4/08 1:21:22PM
For 91, no. It's all about Couture-Lesnar and pushing it for all that it's worth. That's the fight the vast majority of people will be watching for. It's certainly the one I'm most interested in, for now I'm suddenly not interested in the rest of the card.
9/4/08 2:13:34PM
it's got kenny vs joe daddy.
9/4/08 2:16:02PM
i think its pretty def that wandy is fighting in december, and i think he deserves to be on whats supposed to be the card of the year.

although i have tons of hope im not %100 we'll see page by years end. If we do..sure put him on 91.

The UFC are pretty much set on getting great numbers after UFC 90.

i men 91- the obvious (accrding to dana will be their bggest selling event)
92- end of the year card. not much announced, but they always come thru, and i'm real excited for nog / mir

93- i guess this is the BJ vs GSP

95-97- HW unification title will prollly happen in here somewhere

lot o action
9/4/08 2:31:23PM
it only makes sense to put wandy or rampage on the dec card because it would build the dec card cus right now it is just big nog vs mir
9/4/08 5:18:53PM
not at all, in fact besides ken flo vs. joe daddy the rest of the card will be weak, that's my prediction.
9/4/08 6:28:01PM
That's what I usually dislike about superfights...the rest of the main card usually sucks. Kenny vs Joe is a great fight though, and I can see it being a co main event since Huerta vs Florian was a co-man event, just not my preference I guess.

I'm still more excited about UFC 89. To me that is the most stacked and exciting card. The names may not be as big but it's ham-packed with exciting rising stars.
9/4/08 11:55:09PM
I was wondering about this. It's definitely possible since they have 3 heavyweight title fights lined up well in advance, but I don't think they're going to do it because couture/lesnar is big enough by itself that another title fight would end up being more of an afterthought than it would help promote the card.
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