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POLL: Which undercard fight would you promote to the main card?
Hazelett v McCrory 71% (29)
Gurgel v Riley 2% (1)
Brown v Thomas 5% (2)
dos Anjos v Stephens 7% (3)
Bocek v Robinson 15% (6)
11/12/08 11:49:20AM
With the cancellation of Amir Sadollah v Nick Catone there will be a prelim fight promoted to the main card.

I have read the promoted fight will be Hazelett v McCrory.

If I could have chosen 1 undercard fight to promote this would have been my first choice.

What would your first choice have been.
11/12/08 12:08:23PM
Uh...a recap of this season of TUF so far?

I'd really just like to see them have all of the prelim fights before the card starts and then show us the best of the undercard fights.
11/12/08 3:48:40PM
hazelett vs mccrory should have been main card even if the catone vs amir fight was still on.

its a much better fight.
11/12/08 3:58:37PM
Brown vs Thomas to show more Matt Brown and plus Ryan Thomas The Tank Engine is just an awesome nickname
11/12/08 5:09:12PM
Bocek/Robinson is gonna be FOTN.
11/12/08 7:08:01PM
I didn't vote for hazlett vs. mccory out of spite, even though i don't want to see any of the other four fights.
11/13/08 1:56:26AM

Posted by higdon10

Bocek/Robinson is gonna be FOTN.

It certainly can be... both are very evenly matched-up. This is definitely the most competitive fight not on the main card.
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