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5/27/08 12:16:31PM
seeing the all ready stacked card who goes on the main card and who goes to prelim??

4 slots being

gsp vs fitch
herring vs lesnar
danzig vs guida
huerta vs florian

meaning three good fights will battle for last spot being

karo paryisan vs who ever
maia vs mcdonald
kongo vs evenson

not to mention a frankie edgar bout

so it will be interesting to see who gets the 5th slot
wow did the ufc already fill that card up pretty fast

i think next week the sept bouts will start being annouced
5/27/08 1:29:56PM
AM not a big fan of KAro but his fight are normally really exiting so i would go for Karo and one of those crazy judo trow lol
5/27/08 1:37:32PM
I would be very dissappointed if the UFC did not put Maia vs. McDonald on the main card. That fight is going to be amazing, I really hope it is on the main card.
5/27/08 1:55:45PM
Maia-MacDonald. Maia's earned his PPV spot and he's facing a tough draw in MacDonald. Could be SOTN.
5/28/08 1:20:31PM
Gotta be Maia vs Mcdonald but there is still 3 more bout openings so who knows could be a barn burner of a card.
5/30/08 12:18:51AM
I guess it depends on Karo's opponent. My wild guess is it's going to be Anthony Johnson.... if so, I'd like that to be on the main card.

I'm seeing it live though so I could really give a rat's ass... I get 'em all!!
5/30/08 10:12:23AM
I'm going to hold out hope that another sick and amazing fight gets announced. No offense to these guys or anything but I want to see another guaranteed amazing fight... I heard a rumor of Rashad vs Hamill that would be a good one if it's not on 86 already. Or maybe an Anderson fight... he hasn't fought in a while.
6/9/08 2:49:34PM
i'd really wanna see Karo, like Jocka said, those crazy judo throws are wicked. Then again, i agree with everyone else saying Maia vs Mcdonald should be on there too.
6/9/08 3:41:54PM
Maia vs Mcdonald, its a MW fight and the ufc needs to bring up a new MW guy to fight silva and the fans really have not seen Maia in action
6/9/08 3:45:11PM
I could definitely see both the Karo fight and the McDonald/Maia fight on the main card. Depends on how much advertising and over analyzing they want to cut away with. Like was stated before it depends on Karo's opponent though.
6/9/08 3:55:38PM
Like others have said it really depends on Karo's opponent. But i think it should be the Macdonald/ Maia fight.
6/9/08 4:44:01PM
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