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POLL: Who Wins and How?
Maia - (T)KO 0% (0)
Palhares - (T)KO 14% (3)
Maia - Submission 14% (3)
Palhares - Submission 10% (2)
Maia - Decision 43% (9)
Palhares - Decision 19% (4)
12/7/10 7:23:39PM
This is one of the fights I'd love to see most. Possibley the two best BJJ guys in the sport. Id be curious to see if they chose to stand or who would attempt the takedown.

12/7/10 7:32:58PM
Both good fighters but i think Maia would win by submission

This fight would be on the ground the whole fight
12/7/10 10:14:43PM
Palhares by an ankle lock with that gorilla grip
12/8/10 12:16:29PM
Paul Harris knockout
12/8/10 1:35:15PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Palhares by an ankle lock with that gorilla grip

haha..this, or it would be a BJJ match that would bore the undiscerning fan to tears.
12/9/10 1:38:02AM
Maia would outgrapple Palhares badly and win a decision. Not many people in this world are better at positional grappling once the fight hits the mat than Maia. I also think Maia has the takedowns to put Palhares to the mat.
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