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11/29/07 10:56:16PM
do the products like Phiten bracelets work? you know the ones with titanium or magnets or some other piece of metal do they help with pain or blood flow or anything at all
11/29/07 11:42:17PM
i don't know but i really want to try one.
but there are many false bad copy and it is hard to find the real one .

11/30/07 9:51:11AM
My uncle used to have one he cut his finger off and it hurt so he started wearing one he said it helped for a while. Then i dont know what happened to it after that.
12/2/07 5:30:27AM
I don't want to sound like a hippy (because i HATE hippies) but these herbs help circulation if that's that you're after. Organic Ashwagandha root, Organic Gotu Kola leaf, Chamomile flowers, Organic Ginger root, Organic Licorice Root, Shatavri root, and Dong Quai root .

Certain minerals do help circulation but a variety of herbal supplements (not weed you f'in hippies) can help with overall blood oxidation and circulation...
12/2/07 10:44:49AM
i like the phiten necklace i use it when i play slowpitch softball , i have a bad kneck messed it up wrestling in high school and i have to say that it keeps my kneck lose if you having trouble finding were to pick one up check thats were i got mine ,hope this helps