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2/22/09 10:12:12PM
Hey guys I just picked up a fight magazine today. After watching ufc 95 I wanted to read about the sport. It talked about up coming ufc 93?!?!? Talk about way behind. It has fedor on the cover. Anyone know of any magazines that stay up to date? Somthing that has already covered ufc 94 and talked about 95? Or or all mma mags way late on the news front?
2/22/09 10:42:20PM
It's the fatal flaw of print media. I don't know of any weekly publications. That's why I use the internets, it's completely up to date. It's hard for monthly (or less frequent) publications to look even halfway up to date (like they kinda could at one time) when compared to things like mmalive or sites like this one.
2/23/09 1:10:36AM
Fighters Only is always pretty up to date for a monthly
2/23/09 5:07:59PM
I will look for it thanks!!
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