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12/13/08 3:59:13AM
Vinny Magalhaes’ “TUF” experience didn’t start as planned, but everything worked out for the best anyways.

When teams were being selected for the eighth season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” Magalhaes assumed he’d be on coach Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s red team. Nogueira and blue team coach Frank Mir agreed--it was a “Brazilian thing.”

Then Mir got control of the first pick, and everything changed. Krzysztof Soszynski was the first blue shirt, and when Nogueira picked “golden boy” Ryan Bader first, Mir snatched up Magalhaes.

Looking back on it now, the UFC newcomer is glad he didn’t put on the red shirt.

12/13/08 11:30:16AM
i think that vinny is gonna win bader is is gonna feel miserable after the fight IMO
12/13/08 12:12:43PM
Vinny is going to rip Bader's arm off tonight.
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