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3/18/09 12:01:16AM
I am new and joined the *****. Now the thread is locked. I got an email about new ones being posted about fight cards but see nothing. Is this camp still here? Not even sure what being a camp means I got asked and joined. Did I make a bad choice? Seems some bad history.
3/18/09 12:16:09AM
Bad history is an overstatement. Differences of opinions is more like it. The camp is still here, but people keep getting banned and threads getting locked/deleted so the people who aren't getting banned are getting fed up and going "elsewhere". I mean there are certain words that are being censored that are not even swear words, overreaction much??
3/18/09 1:37:34AM
I dont know what internaly is going on with your camp but I'm going to post what Hippysmacker said.

******* *** was banned for recruiting /advertising another site. 9 others have been banned for it as well. anyone else doing so will also be banned.It;s not even remotely kosher to do it. I told him not to do so myself. He did it anyway, and brought others down with him. So if anyone ANYWHERE on this site does the same thing they will also be banned.Luckily for us we have a lot of loyal members who reported this to us. To those of you , thanks. This camp thread it locked for now. If this camp sorts itself out and wants to be a part of the playground, then it will be unlocked someday.

I think that makes it fairly clear why your camp is having issues. Not one of the Admins/MODs are mad at anyone we are just doing our job to keep the peace and follow the rules laid out by the site owner. Advertising cost money and this site isn't paid for by osmosis. The leader of your camp made some very bad choices and got other members of his camp involved which in turn they made some bad choices as well. Now if you feel the camp your in isn't up to par I suggest you quit and join another camp that fits your needs better.

Now I'm locking this topic because I think it has been answered and this issue is over and done with.