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2/5/08 11:59:22AM
Do not Post the answers on this Thread PM them directly to me!

1)Which of the following fighters have not been a training partner of Tito Ortiz (need all incorrect Fighters mentioned)
Chuck Liddel
Aaron Brink
Ricco Rodriguez
Jeremy Horn
Tank Abbott
Matt Hamill
Tiki Ghosn
Randy Couture

2)Why was Rich Franklin vs Aaron Brink ruled a No Contest?
Brink was injured when he caught his leg between the mat and the cage

3)How many Head Kick Knockouts does Mirko Cro Cop have in MMA?
Yuji Nagata
Igor Vovchanchyn
Dos Caras Jr.
Aleksander Emelianenko
Wanderlei Silva

4)How many Tournaments has Igor Vovchanchyn won?
Mr. Strong Guy 1996
DNRF - Ukrainian Octagon
IFC 1 - Kombat in Kiev
IAFC - Absolute Fighting Russian Open Cup 3
IAFC - 1st Absolute Fighting World Cup Pankration
World Vale Tudo Championship 5

5)Which Fighter is not a Judoka?
Manvel Gamburyan
Karo Parisyan
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Baret Yoshida
Pawel Nastula
Jung Bu-Kyung
Yoon Dong Sik
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
Fedor Emelianenko

6)How many Mundial World Championship (BJJ) medals does BJ Penn Have?
1998 Silver medal at Brazilian Mundials competition in his weight division; receives purple belt upon return
1999 Bronze medal at Brazilian Mundials in heavier weight class as a newly promoted Nova Uniao brown belt.
2000 First non-Brazilian to win gold medal in black belt division of the Mundial World Championships held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

7)Which MMA Fighter has not had a Professional Boxing match?
Chris Lytle 13-1 (7 KO's)
Nick Diaz 1-0
Jens Pulver 4-0 (3 KO's)
KJ Noons 7-1 (5 KO's)
Marcus Davis 17-1-2 (12 KO's)
Pat Smith 5-10-2 (4 KO's)
Keith Jardine 3-0 (1 KO)
Matt Skelton 21-2 (18 KO's)
Jorge Rivera

8)Patrick Cote has held what Titles in MMA? (Hint all in Canada)
TKO 205lb Champ
TKO 185lb Champ
KOTC Canada 205lb Champ
MFC 185lb Champ

9)What did Tito Ortiz' T-shirt say after he beat Jerry Bohlander?
I just F**ked your Ass!

Thats all Folks have fun. PM Me the answers if you post em on this thread... You will Fail.

Do not Post the answers on this Thread PM them directly to me!
2/6/08 7:16:27AM
zephead 7
Svartorm 2 1/2
Pookie 2 1/2
Boo_Radley21 1
2/6/08 12:45:50PM
which question did i get half credit for? lol
2/7/08 11:25:52AM
like 3 different questions.
2/7/08 11:53:51AM

Posted by madmarck

like 3 different questions.

haha awesome
2/7/08 1:05:52PM
Damn, what 2 did I fail?
2/7/08 2:09:22PM

Posted by zephead

Damn, what 2 did I fail?

You Muffed up the one about BJ Penns Mundial Medals
On Tito's Shirt Question you listed what his shirt said after his Mezger fight.
2/7/08 2:44:04PM
I gave it a try. Hopefully I get more than 0 right lol.
2/7/08 4:53:47PM

Posted by Boo_Radley21

I gave it a try. Hopefully I get more than 0 right lol.

You squeeked one out thats about it.
2/7/08 5:53:51PM
2/11/08 5:39:00AM
Yay Zephead wins........ the rest of you.......... Become COTE fans.... it is the only way to go.
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