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8/8/08 5:11:24PM
As you are aware Madden 09 will have online leagues. I have yet to see if we are able to draft our players for our teams, or only pick a team and trade with other teams. Regardless I will be setting up a MMA Playground league once the game comes out this Tuesday The 12th.

IF you want to join, just reply here with your gamertag and if you want to draft or just pick a team. Majority wins. So pick a team for draft or pick a team without draft.

I Will send you an invite once i set up the league.

FYI my gamertag is zzzapppped

goodluck to everyone and cant wait to start!!!

my vote
for drafting players, ill take the Buffalo Bills.

If we do just teams without drafting, i'll take Dallas
8/8/08 9:28:04PM

although im not amazing at Madden, im pretty damn good.


gamer tag is: RMFG 187

space inbetween RMFG and 187
8/8/08 9:32:30PM
for drafting players i got Falcons. for teams, i got Vikings, or Indy.

8/9/08 12:56:14PM
So only 2 people on this whole site will be playing madden 09 for 360? or just dont have people who like to do the league thing?
8/9/08 1:04:04PM
I'm in

Gammertag: JpFoXXX

If we draft players I want San Francisco. If we take a team I'll Take the Patriots.

Come on guys should be fun. i suck at madden but I like to play online for fun so come on guys sign up
8/9/08 1:05:40PM
a40oz2freedumb is my tag.

I'm still waiting to get my xbox back..I got the red rings its been over a week now..So hopefully ill have it back by tuesday if not..But ill be playing asap when i get it back.

Oh and i want the Steelers.
8/9/08 1:14:31PM
Thats more like it ;-)

Ok when i set up the league on Tuesday, I will be sending invites out. 40, ill hold your Steelers for ya, just let me know when you get it your xbox.
8/11/08 8:14:26AM
Still alot of good teams left people
8/11/08 9:46:59PM
once game comes out tommorow we will fill fast. i got good guys ready to join on friends list who will be active. So if your active in playground, join up
8/12/08 1:42:17AM
just found out WE CAN DRAFT Players in online leagues.

So get ready to draft. send me a friend invite to zzzapppped

and we will try and schedule a draft time

how does Thursday at 11:30 pm est aug 14th work?
8/13/08 12:21:10AM
league created


abrv MMA

come join 20 team league
11 games
playoffs also

draft only!!
8/13/08 1:50:54AM
were at 11 teams joined.

Seems EA didnt think over things before putting this out. ONLY WAY I CAN GET YOU IN THE LEAGUE IS IF i send you a personal invite...pretty dumb. So leave me gamertag or send me friend request. Then i can get you in.

Draft will be most likely Wednesday 11 pm est.

8/13/08 4:52:01PM
I usually dont get home from work till 11PM on the days i work..Plus its alittle early to start a league i mean the game has only been out for 2 days..i like to atleast play a season on franchise to get my skills back..and do you have to draft a whole team to fill every position that could take hours...Hours that id rather spend playing the game..thats all.
8/13/08 11:46:50PM
dont join then

were full now anyway....let the draft begin
8/15/08 6:58:25PM
I'll be asking to join once I have the game

Impulsive 1
9/3/08 7:09:33AM
Ok I just got the game: Impulsive 1

Please send invite
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