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8/12/08 5:42:23PM
so there is a new Madden IQ for the game if you have it whats yours mine is 589.

This game plays so nice and the updated graphics are amazing the first thig you notice is how real the grass looks hope everyone enjoys Imgoing back to play some more
8/12/08 10:16:16PM
mine is 687. i really like it this year. everything seems to run smoother and the graphics have improved a lot. plus the commentary is new with Collinsworth and Hammond.
8/13/08 2:03:03AM
8/13/08 5:35:40AM
I have only download the demo, But This game looks sweet, And plays sweet, I must get this game..................

Busy Online with...

Soul Calibur 4
Street Fighter 2 HD remix beta
BF: Bad Company
Call of Duty 4
Halo 3

Anyone want to play, PM me......
8/13/08 5:00:27PM
Damn 687 impressive. I'm only high 500 something (at work now and can't remember). I used to be decent at Madden in college when all i did was play anyone walking through my door. I fired it up, and i can get all madden on running and passing, but i can't play defense for crap. I guess that's what happens when you just take the line men all the time and let the ai handle all of the defense.
8/13/08 6:17:37PM
EDIT: I just tried it over and got 668
And this version is so much better than 08, and I've only had my hands on it for an hour.
8/13/08 10:53:24PM
lmao mine was below 500, now like 530. 600+ is retarded

to ur nano blitz and clutch plays

I just play traditional football, and look forward to doing worse than the dolphins in our league startin 2day
9/6/08 12:24:51PM
Whatttt, I'm 579 and I thought I was really good .

How do you guys get yours so high?
9/7/08 10:18:56AM
i'm all the way up to 773 now. to get it high you just have to play well against your current IQ settings. the better you do the more the game adapts to your skill.
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