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8/29/12 2:08:03AM
Madden '13 just picked it up today. So far have had 2 great games with my friend that both ended in game winning 2 minute drives.

The gameplay is much improved from what I thought was a very let down of last year's game. There are glitches but they are actually pretty funny but some are annoying like fumbling the fair catches. You don't actually fumble but your guy takes off running and they say you did.

Some downfalls are no more 2 or more player offline franchises. Can only do 1 player unless you go online which then you can do up to as many teams.

I have not tried online play so I can't really tell you how that is.

There is no longer Franchise/Superstar mode. Now it is just called career mode where you can be a player or a coach. You can be a legend(coach or player), existing coach/player or you can create a new coach. Some things I have noticed is you can re-sign players in-season. Practices look like they are actually meaningful and trades are pretty hard.

I thing I like is the news feed is really nice. They have a Twitter feed as well as top stories and they do talk about incoming college kids which is really cool to see.

Overall I can see this going down as one of my favorite Madden games as there are a lot of features I like in the new 'career' mode.

In a sports video game category as of right now I'd give the game about a 8.5/10. Just because I haven't played much of it but what I have played of it has been a blast.
8/30/12 1:33:08AM
I gotta finish my NHL season first before I buy it
8/30/12 10:25:09PM
no more superstar mode? that's all I played offline
8/31/12 12:44:28AM

Posted by Bubbles

no more superstar mode? that's all I played offline

superstar mode is career mode. Exact same thing.
8/31/12 2:34:00AM
If you have Xbox Live and wanna throw down on some Madden, by gamertag is "Klittastic"
8/31/12 2:38:26AM
Had it reserved at gamestop. cancelled the reservation. no draft class imports. reason why.
8/31/12 6:25:53AM
I have always enjoyed madden but I can't say the same for this edition. i prefer the franchise of '12 mode over coach mode of '13, I don't like that there are skill points that have to be dispersed in coach mode. he graphics look worse than last year. and when you get up from a tackle it looks like you're being fast-forwarded and somewhat blurry. the game away from the cut scenes looks like what I'd expect from madden like 5 years ago. overall I think they could've put more work into it.

overall this gets a C from me. which is odd because I haven't played a madden I didn't like. until now.
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