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8/8/08 3:53:54AM
If ya'll can't wait like me for the new Madden, heres a little appetizer for ya.

Web Link

Above is a link where you can see the new features, and see something called "Madden Virtual Trainer" it all looks really cool, I recomend seeing the

Gameplay Features Video
Madden Virtual Trainer Video

It looks crazy! no more reading ur friends plays, u can bluff now

look my poker face
8/8/08 10:28:41AM
i know they have online leagues, so we should start an mma playground one. Ill set it up once the game comes out.
8/8/08 11:33:11AM
I also read EA is going to make free downlaods available to update the game because of Favre. You can download and print a new game cover with Favre in his Jets uniform and also download a subsequent gameplay update to reflect the change. EA says they'll do more updates for download should any more players be traded or change teams before the regular season begins. So much for the Jets dodging the Madden Curse.
8/8/08 9:29:28PM
sounds friggin great!

my Gamer tag is RMFG 187

there is a space inbetween RMFG and 187

hook me up
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