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3/14/07 3:07:00PM
1)What UFC tournament Did Randy Couture Win?
2)What UFC tournament did Kazushi Sakuraba win?
3)Who has won the most UFC tournaments?
4) a. Who won the Pride FC 2000 GP?
b. Who did he beat in the finals?
5)Name Someone Pedro Rizzo has fought twice.
6)What was Sergei Kharitonov's first event in Pride?
7)How many of Ryan Gracie's fights were in Pride?
8)Karo Parisyan was born in Armenia. Name another person who has fought in the UFC from that country.
9)Andrei Arlovski was born in Belarus. Name another person who has fought in the UFC from that country.
10)How many Gracies have fought in the UFC?
11)Which was faster; Arlovski's sub over Aaron Brink, or Tim Sylvia.
12)What Position was Yushin Okami in when he recieved the illegal kick from Anderson Silva at Rumble on the Rock 8?
13)Wes Albritton fought at one UFC event. What was it?
14)Who beat Randy Couture; Enson Inoue or Egan Inoue ?
15)Who did Norifumi Yamamoto lose to at K-1-Premium Dynamite! 2004 in K1 rules match? (not Heroes)
16)Who is the bigger brother in terms of age; Fedor or Aleksander Emelianenko?
17)What organization did Aleksander Emelianenko fight in last?
18)Vitor first competed in MMA at what age?
19) Who is taller; Tim Sylvia or Aleksander Emelianenko?
20)Name 2 (former) pro wrestlers Kimo Leopoldo has beat.

Try and beat that Manfred.
3/14/07 9:01:20PM
I deleted the post of the people that posted their answers instead of PMing them to Madmarck. I cut and pasted them and sent them too him , so don't worry he got them.
3/15/07 2:10:42AM
Mother-hooker that was hard!

Sorry I can't give you props, I tried. Got to "spread the love"
3/15/07 5:26:35AM
Manfred's was harder for me.
3/15/07 7:14:33AM

Posted by migo

Manfred's was harder for me.

You destroyed this one Migo. Gotta say you answers where like exactly what i had written.
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