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8/9/08 3:28:56PM
I think it was an embarrassment for Tito as well. But for different reasons. Everyone knew it was his last fight with the UFC just like everyone knew Dana and Tito hated each others guts. So, what does Dana do? He signs a fight he knows Tito will lose. But, he didn't just pick any chump that would knock Tito out like Liddell did. No, that wouldn't have been satisfying enough for Dana. Dana wanted Tito's final experience in his octagon to be a painful and miserable experience that would last the entire time. Hell, I bet if Dana could have made this a 5 rounder without arousing suspicion, he would have. He pit Tito against Lyoto. Someone who would stuff his takedowns, had better stand up and was just an overall more patient fighter who would wear Tito out and Dana could have the final satisfaction of watching the man he hates most, suffer horribly for three rounds and finally be rid of him in his organization because of a Unanimous Decision. That's why I think it was embarrassing.
8/9/08 5:31:41PM

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thiago silva by ko round 2, machida just hasnt impressed me, with the acception of his win over franklin, he hasnt done anything special, he couldnt finish bj who fought him at a catchweight of 200 when bj is a natural lightweight and he ran away from tito for three rounds(lets b honest hear), all his other wins were ovr lesser opponents....soko was a good win but he still dint impress me n i think in a rematch soko would smash him, if he beats thiago then i will give him the respect he deserves

Machida has beaten far more impressive opponents than Thiago has, even the lesser known guys. And Machida has NEVER run away in his fights, when will his critics finally realize this? He destroyed Tito via humiliation, Chuck couldn't even do that.

????? Chuck bitched tito by KO twice, idk but the first one was pretty humiliatin, where were u homie

Chuck handled Tito well in their first bout, but Tito put up a fight in the second. However, neither time did Chuck school Tito as much as Machida did. Tito looked like a noob.

his might be the silliest thing i have ever read in my life.

chuck= 2 crushing ko/tko wins vs. tito

machida= 1 drawn out (and admittedly convincing) decision win.

chuck BRUTALIZED tito twice in highlight reel fashion. to say that machida schooled tito worse than chuck is just....insane? did you even watch the chuck/tito fights? talk about a guy that single handedly ended tito's career as a legitimate mma fighter. i really cant get over how absurd this statement is.

if youre going to bring up any fight of machida's...the tito fight is not the one to bring up. tito is mma's garbage and by no means is his victory a benchmark in machidas career.

dont get me wrong, i really like machida but come on...the guy has 0 KO wins in the ufc. hes a very technical fighter and could definitely be champ but to count out thiago silva is just retarded, almost as dumb as saying machida beat tito worse than chuck.

1rst fight chuck schooled him
The second is a big difference though, Tito took a round from chuck on the feet. Against machida he hit him less than 10 times in the whole bout and not one of them was clean or significant in any way, add into the fact that Machida was close to finishing Tito at 2 different occasions in the bout and yes... Machida schooled Tito better then chuck did in the second bout... by a large margin.
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