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10/25/09 8:35:23AM
In a night where discrepancy won out, there was one thing UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, and UFC president Dana White could all agree upon: a rematch between the two Brazilians, who came to blows at UFC 104 Saturday in Los Angeles, is in order.

Machida earned a unanimous decision over Rua in a cerebral tug-of-war that saw both give and take damage in controlled bursts through five rounds.

Judges Cecil Peoples and Marcos Rosales both awarded Machida the first three rounds and gave Rua the final two. Judge Nelson “Doc” Hamilton scored rounds one and five for Rua, but gave Machida the middle rounds. Scores were united at 48-47 in Machida’s favor.

Gauging by reaction, it seemed a majority of the crowd inside the Staples Center, as well as fans watching the live pay-per-view, disagreed with the final tallies. Internet boards swelled with reaction for Rua minutes after the decision was read.

Rua did better than anyone has ever fared against the karate-bred Machida, who’d never dropped a round in the UFC until Saturday. An aggressive, impulsive striker in the past, the one-time Pride grand prix champion reigned in his arsenal and was especially effective with a right body kick, which marked up Machida’s side and seemed to stifle his explosive counter-attacks.

“I thought ‘Shogun’ won the fight,” said White at the post-fight press conference.

White said he’d scored rounds one, four, and five for Rua and that the promotion already planned to schedule an “immediate rematch.” White added that he’d already gotten verbal commitments from both fighters.
10/25/09 8:42:22AM
The rematch can not happen soon enough for me. I'll be counting the days.
10/25/09 8:53:43AM
Yeah, if there is any silver lining it is that the rematch should generate a lot more interest than the first fight.
10/25/09 9:29:05AM
It still annoys me that there's a possibility Shogun will lose the rematch. He should be the champ already. A would hate to see a rematch where Shogun gets beaten convincingly e.g. KO'd.
10/25/09 9:34:24AM
i jus cant believe what the judges were thinkin,i strongley believe they robbed a man of his dream,i listen for month how everybody didnt even give shogun a shot and he came out and beat machida how u have to beat him and i guess theres no way but a rematch,im jus very heart broken over what went down
10/25/09 10:02:39AM
Screw the judges.
Shogun won that fight!
10/25/09 11:37:33AM
Got to be a rematch just a shame its not shogun defending it.He was robed plan and simple a just hope he wins the rematch.WAR SHOGUN
10/25/09 11:51:49AM
Shogun won that fight hands down. I have no idea how the judges scored it differently. I can't wait for the rematch.

This is what pisses me off about the UFC!
10/25/09 11:57:43AM
Shogun is the champ......................He beat Machida in 4 rounds in my eyes...i was so was a great fight but how in the **** could u say machida won that fight..............

10/25/09 12:00:34PM
it would be perfect there are no legit contenders out there so a rematch could happen then again dana could be dana saying all this promises to fighters and not keeping his word
10/25/09 12:04:22PM
I think its funny how much peoples opinions of this fight have changed. Just a few days ago most people were convinced that Machida would run through Shogun. I kept saying this would be a close fight and that Machida would get hit.

Hopefully in the rematch we will see as many people picking Shogun as there should have been the first time around.
10/25/09 12:05:34PM
What i hate the most about that fight is when they announced the winner Machida had the "i know i lost" look and when they announced his name he was so surprised.
10/25/09 12:14:32PM
Maybe the melodrama can end least I hope it can. And I'm not so sure Dana should give his thoughts on a decision in a press conference, seems somewhat disrespectful to Machida.

Regardless it was an enjoyable fight, and I think the rematch will be even more entertaining. It looked toward the middle-end of the fight that Machida was able to time those body kicks better, and he will expect it.

And as posted above there are no legitimate contenders (Mousasi is still in Strikeforce), so a rematch shouldn't be criticized.
10/25/09 12:22:39PM
If Shogun beats him in another good fight, there will likely be a third fight, meaning Shogun is going to end up beating the "unbeatable" champion 3 times.
10/25/09 12:27:32PM
Glad to see Machida didn't pull the "We already fought. I'm not fighting him again. I won." card.
10/25/09 1:34:40PM
Get ready to crown the REAL light heavyweight champ soon
10/25/09 1:48:42PM

Posted by Giant_Ochai

Glad to see Machida didn't pull the "We already fought. I'm not fighting him again. I won." card.

he might of. his english isn't very good yet.
10/25/09 1:49:38PM

Posted by Mhunt1140

Shogun won that fight hands down. I have no idea how the judges scored it differently. I can't wait for the rematch.

This is what pisses me off about the UFC!

The UFC has nothign to do with the judges.
10/25/09 2:10:33PM
Going into this fight I was not a fan persay of either fighter, but I had a feeling it would be much closer then alot of people were saying including myself. So when that decision was announced I was more shocked then I have ever been in my life. Shogun won IMO 4 rounds to 1, atleast 3 to 2. I ended up leavin the bar I watched it at in a bad mood and I dont even care for either fighter.

This judging BS needs to change soon. Its really dissapointing to think Shogun could lose this rematch and not have the title when he should deservedly have it right now.
10/25/09 2:22:59PM
Shogun got robbed and its a damn shame, all these judges should have to be thrown into the octagon with Shogun for a round of punishment
10/25/09 2:44:51PM
I am a huge Machida fan...but he lost. He knew he lost too. Shogun changed the look in the Dragon's eyes. Lyoto had never been "challenged" like that. He had never been hurt like that. He had never been as bewildered as that. The Dragon's leg and ribs were hurting "somethin' fierce". It took the Dragon till the third round to figure Shogun out...and just when he did...Shogun changed it up. Lyoto's eyes showed disappointment, fear, desperation, amazement and shock. There should be an immediate rematch. I hope Lyoto learns from his mistakes, He needs to get in on some damage and get out without taking damage himself. Besides a few attacks near the end of the fight, Lyoto would not commit. Lyoto took a heavy hook to the head in one of the early rounds...that one scared him off good. The kicks to the legs and ribs did their job from the outside. Shogun won the fight. He physically and mentally beat the Dragon. A gentlemen above me said "that is why I don't like the UFC"...Judges and Referees have nothing to do with the UFC...they are hired by and work for whatever sanctioning (athletic commission) body is sanctioning the fight. The rematch should be a war. Lyoto will want to finish Shogun off to prove he is the champ...and Shogun will definitely try to do the keep it away from the Judges.
10/25/09 4:35:29PM
Machida is a methodical (boring) fighter and you have to be willing to fight at that slow pace to beat him. Shogun went into this fight knowing that Machida can't finish anyone unless they come in aggressive and chase him (Silva) or get impatient (Evans). Shogun attacked the legs, worked his kicks, got in and out of exchanges quick, and didn't over commit on takedowns. He fought the perfect fight to beat Machida, based on what we have seen from him so far. He won that fight plain and simple. Shogun's hard work was wasted in this fight because of bad judging.

Now that bad judging will affect the rematch. Machida will most certainly make adjustments to take away the things that were most effective for Shogun. So now Shogun will have to come up with a new game plan to win. I promise you there will be no more aggression out of Machida. Even when Machida was criticized for being boring, he didn't change a thing. We could see more aggression out of Shogun, which works in the favor of Machida. If Shogun fights pretty much the same fight, with only a little more aggression, he should win. If he goes in thinking he must have a finish to get that belt, he could walk into a Machida KO or end up losing a one sided decision.
10/25/09 4:36:12PM
I'm not a huge fan of ethier guys (well atleast not Rua since his pride days, but he finally came back to his old self and he looked pretty tight) and I was pulling more for Machida, but Shogun worked him for 3 solid rds. I don't think the problem is with the 10 point judging system, but with the judges. The judges always favor the champ and if it's close they give it to the champ, bu tit wasn't even closer IMO.

Also, has anyone else noticed that the majority of poor judging decision, always seem to have Cecil Peoples involved in them??
10/25/09 5:21:01PM
I guess im the only one who thinks Machida won huh
10/25/09 5:54:40PM

Posted by KipDynamite

I guess im the only one who thinks Machida won huh

You and the judges.
10/25/09 5:59:08PM
Holy Sh*t, the swing of fans is incredible in here.

I have to eat my words, i gave shogun no chance to win this, but i was wrong.

Shogun made me really happy last night throughout the entire fight, and at the end i was runnin around yellin Shogun Is The UFC Champ.

Only to be robbed of my happiness by horrible Judging...

I dont know what to say, I am really, extremely, disappointed about this situation...
10/25/09 7:12:30PM
Itll be interesting to see if both fighters go for the finish or take an even more conservative approach. shoguns corner told him to just play it safe in between rounds 4 and 5 because they thought he was up on points(as most everyone else in the arena except for three).
10/25/09 7:19:26PM

Posted by greshamfighter

Itll be interesting to see if both fighters go for the finish or take an even more conservative approach. shoguns corner told him to just play it safe in between rounds 4 and 5 because they thought he was up on points(as most everyone else in the arena except for three).

I read something on saying Shogun should be angry with his corner for telling him to play it so safe in Rd 5. Machida's legs looked pretty beatup and he appeared somewhat gassed. Maybe Shogun should have tried to go for the kill, but who knows. Hindsight is 20/20.

While watching the fight last night I thought all he had to do was not get KO'd in Rd 5 and he'd win. Everyone I watched the fight with thought the same thing. I figured he'd taken every round, although we though Machida may have taken Rd 1.

It will be interesting to see if they are more aggressive or more conservative. Shogun could probably employ the exact same strategy through the beggining of the fight, and maybe be a little more aggressive towards the end.
10/25/09 7:34:43PM
It is true that the fight was is more true to say that this fights' entertainment value on a scale of 1-10 was about a 2. I ws bored but impressed that Rua stayed so disciplined. He beat up Lyoto pretty good and the Dragon looked tired and frustrated by the end of the fight. He had no answer for the leg kicks, and the majority of his shots---when he actually threw them which was RARE---were blocked on Rua's elbows and cover up defense.

This is a terrible rematch and will be as boring the second time as it was the first time. What is Lyoto going to do turn into something other than a counterpuncher? He'll stay a counter puncher and wait. Will Rua suddenly throw caution to the wind and use a different game plan? That's the only future outcome. If Rua becomes more aggressive he "might" win the judges scores, but he'll also play into the counter punchers hands.

Lyoto did NOTHING to win that fight and as a consolation we have to be subjected to another 5 boring rounds? I'd just as soon crown Rua the champ in my mind and see him fight someone else who is a more interesting match up where he doesn't have to follow such a rigid gameplan.

I don't watch the UFC just to watch champs---I watch to be entertained by fights. I can appreciate technical approaches as a former boxing practitioner, martial arts practitioner, and a person who formerly trained in MMA---but as a person who payed 50 bucks I feel ripped off....

I was wondering when MMA would become boxing at its worst.

Rua was robbed. Lyoto isn't the champ anymore but he gets to keep the belt. So what. Give me a REAL fight next time by giving me better matchups instead of Rua v. Machida 2. Yawn....
10/25/09 7:36:41PM
and for the record, I bet on Lyoto. the only person in my group of guys watching the fight that thought Rua would win was the drunk guy who though the "Bad boy" eyes on Rua's trunks were hilarious.
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